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May 22, 2024

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What is Apteo - No Longer Active?

Apteo is predictive marketing personalization tool that helps you understand who in your customer/audience is most likely to buy, to churn, to become loyal, etc. They then segment these customers, syncing to your marketing tools (email, SMS, paid social, etc.) to create highly personalized campaigns so you can send the right offer at the right time to each user.

Their AI uses sales and behavioral data to deeply understand your customers' journeys, preferences, and product/category affinity, which helps you take the guesswork out of deciding what to promote to each of your customers. Meaning you can send your bargain hunters on discount amount, and your luxury buyers another one. This helps increase customer lifetime value, increase ROAS, and reduce ad spend.

They have very easy to digest analytics of best performing products, products frequently bought together, gender, geography, and many other ways to get a quick glance at your customer base and start thinking of ways to segment and market to each of them.

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What makes Apteo - No Longer Active different than competitors?

Apteo is not the full-fledged analytics solution to look at every corner of your business. Instead they are completely focused on the short list of action items you can take as a marketer to increase sales today. This means they are unique to solving a few problems really well, and in a nearly automated fashion.

Another defining factor for them is their AI. Everyone’s got a different AI… Theirs' works specifically to understand which segment a user or customer should be in given a multitude of factors that you could never “if/then” your way to in a Klaviyo segmentation section.

What metrics is Apteo - No Longer Active going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

Apteo has built their tool to help merchants sell more products with timely emails and great segmentation. This includes acquisition, but is especially good for repeat purchase/retention.

You should also see an increase in your revenue and ROI from email and SMS as you use their segmentation tool for those channels.

Who has to manage Apteo - No Longer Active and how long does it take to setup?

Typically your head of marketing, email marketing, or you as the founder are going to set up the tool with a couple of basic 2-click integrations. It really only takes a few minutes to get integrated, and then another 10 minutes to a couple hours for their AI to digest all of your data, depending on the size of your database.

Then you will want to hop in once or twice a week to look at the analytics, push segments to your email service provider, then hop over to that provider and create and send an email campaign to those segments.

Is Apteo - No Longer Active right for my store?

Apteo isn’t for small or starting stores, as you probably don’t have very many segments or enough data to really get a ton of value out of the tool. That said, they have a free tier and you can just plug them in and use some of their analytics for free.

For extremely large merchants with a full-fledged Customer Data Platform (CDP), advanced AI tool suites, and teams dedicated to analytics and marketing, this tool may be redundant for you. It could actually streamline a few of your processes, because they are so simple and easy-to-use, but more than likely you’ll find similar functionality inside your existing AI tools.

Apteo’s real sweet spot is in those $300k - $10mm businesses who are growing fast, have customers who should be buying from them again and again over time, but the timing or messaging just doesn’t seem right with your existing flows and sequences. That’s where you’ll be able to instantly plug in this tool and get to work.

They are especially helpful in fashion and apparel, food and wine, skincare and beauty, and home decor, but really they can help any store that has more than 1 product and any form of ongoing sales and retention.

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Apteo - No Longer Active

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