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March 19, 2023

Your Retail Operating System (ROS), helping you manage, route, and expedite all of your inventory management needs.



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Inventory Management
Order Management
Inventory Forecasting
Warehouse Management
Advanced Reporting

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Inventory Management
Order Management
Inventory Forecasting
Warehouse Management
Advanced Reporting

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What is BrightPearl by Sage?

BrightPearl by Sage is your Retail Operating System (ROS) that helps you manage, route, and expedite all of your inventory management needs across any and all platforms - Shopify, Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, and wherever else you might sell.

They have their own accounting system within the platform for helping you understand granular information around your orders. , which could be used on top of you or can integrate with Quickbooks and Xero if you want.

They track all customers, sales, orders, products, and aggregates of these, your suppliers, what purchase orders you’ve placed, 

When you buy BrightPearl, you can also bring in their sub-tool Demand Planner (which is also sold standalone as Inventory Planner).

BrightPearl by Sage requires an annual contract and is priced depending on your exact needs, integrations, and number of orders for the year. Contact their team to get a more firm idea on pricing.

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What makes BrightPearl by Sage different than competitors?

BrightPearl by Sage tends to win out versus competitors because of their robust rule making and automation. When you need certain rules to route certain orders in a specific way, you typically can get that done with their automation conditions and logic. 

They have in-house consultants to help you set up your account to ensure you’re using the platform to the fullest. And as you onboard with them, they have fixed scopes so that you don’t have to worry about excess costs or creep.

And they are one tool in the Sage suite, including Inventory Planner, Sage, and BrightPearl Benchmarking and BrightPearl Analytics.

What metrics is BrightPearl by Sage going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

BrightPearl specializes in streamlining operations and inventory management that will help you manage your inventory, purchase your inventory, stay as lean as possible for improving cash flow, and ensure products are in stock so that you can sell more. They really help at tying together marketing and product to help you make better business decisions.

Who has to manage BrightPearl by Sage and how long does it take to setup?

Typically there are 3 decisionmakers coming into demo and sales calls with BrightPearl reps. Often it’s the operations, product management / logistics, and sometimes the CEO/founder or COO. You’re often going to take a few weeks to compare options and decide on BrightPearl within about 60 days. 

It takes about 3-4 months to fully onboard BrightPearl: working with their team to get your team fully up to speed with the software, changing systems and processes within the organization, integrating all the required data sources, and setting up all the rules and automation, reporting etc. Any time there is a slowdown, it is typically on the merchant for approvals, showing up to meetings, completing training, etc.

Once fully onboarded, your operations and fulfillment teams will be in BrightPearl daily. You can separate out different functionality and features for different users based on how they are expected to interact with BrightPearl. For example, maybe some people are buyers and don’t need access to orders, etc.

Is BrightPearl by Sage right for my store?

The key reason to use BrightPearl by Sage is when you’re selling in multiple different places and trying to track all that inventory in one place. So maybe you’re on Shopify, Amazon, and Walmart and trying to figure out how much inventory you actually have left and when you should be placing your next purchase order with your supplier.

The more complex your operations, the more you need an inventory management solution. BrightPearl works best for fashion and apparel, and can be for all sorts of brands, including those that have a 3PL, have their own warehouse, are dropshipping, or some mix thereof. It’s largely about helping to manage your inventory levels across multiple channels, making sure that 

They don’t currently track individual products or lot products, which makes them less ideal for brands that have expiration dates or those that need to track a product back to an entire batch or lot.

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