August 23, 2023

Enterprise Grade Analytics for All Size Merchants



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Subscription Billing
Built-in Visualization
Lifetime Value Segmentation
Customer Segmentation
Dedicated Support Specialist
Custom Reporting
Custom Reporting Dashboards


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< $2million Revenue Annually
All 130+ Pre-Built Reports
Subscription Billing
Built-in Visualization
Lifetime Value Segmentation
Dedicated Support Specialist
Custom Reporting
Custom Reporting Dashboards
Brand Data
Unlimited Historical Data


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$2million - $5million Revenue Annually
Everything in Previous Plan


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$5million - $10million Revenue Annually
Everything in Previous Plan

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What is Daasity?

Daasity is working to make enterprise analytics accessible to early-stage merchants, when you need it the most. They are your analytics partner and platform to help you understand key business metrics, across marketing, growth, inventory, and more. With over 130 pre-built reporting templates you can get started after plugging into your platform and CRM. And as you grow, if you need more customization… more nuanced needs… you can layer that on top of the templated reports or build out your own custom reports.

You can understand things like:

  • Product affinity - how does buying one product affect/influence their second purchase, etc.?
  • Discount affinity - how is purchase behavior changed by different discounting and sales structure?
  • Holistic Marketing Views - understanding true LTV, LTV by SKU, LTV by channel, repeat purchase by channel, etc.
  • Sales channel marketing views - being able to see your Amazon, Etsy, D2C, etc.

And with newly launched Audiences, you can make segments and audiences that can be pushed back out to your channel marketing platforms (Facebook, Google, your email service provider, etc.).

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What makes Daasity different than competitors?

Daasity has instant, super powerful, analytics dashboards out of the box. 

Plus, you don’t need your own data warehouse because Daasity is pulling all the data into their own warehouse and making it extremely easy for you to display reports. Compare this to other solutions that require your own CDP or data warehouse build-out, with thousands of dollars in custom SQL queries and dashboards being built by hand. 

Daasity also has a “Brand Data'' functionality, which is a CSV loader that brings in data you can’t build an API for. Things like revenue goals, marketing spend, target CPAs, target sales, SKU cost, and other variable information that you want to upload and see alongside your active API data coming in from your platform, channel tools, etc. This is extremely useful because it allows you to see everything in one place, helping you stay on target. 

The Daasity team has expert analysts that help give you insights on your data so you can make better informed decisions, and anything can be pushed to slack or to an email.

What metrics is Daasity going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

The main goal of Daasity and most analytics tools is to help you increase revenue and profitability.

But given that Daasity helps you have clarity into all of your data, the real question is: What metrics do you want to measure better and take action on? 

Since they pull in all of your data, you can really focus on improving any which metric inside of your business including:

  • average order value
  • lifetime value
  • repeat purchase rate
  • profitability by SKU
  • and more

Who has to manage Daasity and how long does it take to setup?

The person managing this tool varies wildly. Oftentimes it's marketing, perhaps a CMO or director of marketing or director of Ecommerce wants to understand sales by SKU or some other core metrics a bit better. Other times it's operations to understand inventory levels by sales channel or profitability by SKU.

You want to connect Daasity to all of your various tools and channels, including: platform, email service provider, SMS tool, Facebook, Google Analytics, multi-channel tools, Amazon and any other sales channel tools, return solutions, customer service helpdesk, inventory management solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning solutions, etc.

Is Daasity right for my store?

If you’re a fast growing merchant doing at least $1mil, maybe $2mil in revenue up to the billions in revenue, Daasity could be a great solution for you. 

The number one thing you want to base your decision on is integrations: You need their tool to integrate with all of your tools and platforms, if they don’t, you need to understand the cost or limitations of building out a custom API to get all that data into one central place. 

The goal of this tool is to get all of your data in one place, so missing any key channel will bring you limitations (they may be limitations that don’t matter today and can be solved down the road, but it is still worth consideration).

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