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How Does Ecommerce Technology Work?

Last Updated: 3/25/19

Confused about which tools will work for your Ecommerce store?

Tired of boring demos?

Concerned you're missing out on the next biggest trend or opportunity?

This is why we created EcommerceTech.io:

Your trusted source for researching, discovering, and purchasing the right tools to grow your store.

The Problem

Derric in yet another boring demo.

You hate demos. You hate them. You hate them. You hate them. Don't you!?

When you started your Ecommerce store you didn't think that you'd be forced into these annoying 30 minute long demos with sales reps vying for your precious credit card information.

And for each and every tool that you want to add to your technology stack. Yet it seems to be more and more becoming your job. Doesn't it?

You seem to be the only person in your company that can make the right technology decisions for your store.

Even after sitting through these demos which is at least 50% a waste of your very valuable time, you haven't really gotten to the meat of whether the tool will be helpful for you.

What you have to do from there is trial it, which means signing up learning how to use it, bringing and developers, copywriters, designers to get the tool off the ground, and then teaching somebody on your team possibly, to manage it.

All these resources are tied up for a relatively simple test just to answer the question: will this tool help my store, or will it be a waste of money that simply sits there charging me monthly while no one on my team uses it.

The Solution

Above is the playlist of all published demos that we've done.

We demo and trial the tools ourselves, break out the important parts into extremely quick recaps, and present it to you in five minutes or less.

This should, at the very least and for more complex tools, get your choices narrowed down to the one or two best fit options with no research and scrounging around the internet Google searchers asking friends, etc.

Now if you want even more help, especially if you feel like you might be missing out on some tools or opportunities that you haven't even yet understood or heard about, you can book a forever free consultation with our team, so that we can walk you through your existing tools stack and we can help check for weaknesses and make suggestions for the right tools to fill those gaps.

We also do monthly free virtual events designed to help you stay up to speed with the fast changing industry that is Ecommerce and Ecommerce tech.

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Derric Haynie published March 23, 2019