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Product Overview

Updated: 7/9/2020

What is ReConvert?

OK, so I love this tool, because it focuses on one of the most neglected and highest leverage moments in the customer journey. No, it’s not abandoned cart. It’s the moment after they just purchased. The moment that has been scientifically proven to release endorphins into your blood stream and basically get you thinking slightly irrationally, kind of giddy, I’m sure you’ve been there…

ReConvert is a “thank you” page optimizer that allows you to resell to your customers after check out. It has a simple drag and drop interface that lets you completely customize your page and offers different pages based on triggers you set. There are discount pop-ups with countdown timers, product recommendations, a reorder button, and even the opportunity to capture additional information like the customer's birthday all available within the app.






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  • Per Month


  • Integrate with Autoresponders
  • Embedded Video
  • Upselling Using a Pop Up & Timer
  • Upsell Your Thank You Page
  • Offer Discount or Cross-sell
  • Displaying Tracking Information
  • Connect over Social Media
  • Collect Birthdays

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How Will ReConvert Work With My Ecommerce Store?

What makes ReConvert different than competitors?

Again, ReConvert focuses on a single aspect of your sales funnel which separates them from other page/widget builders. They have taken a single page that is incredibly underutilized and created a simple way for you to optimize it. There is nothing complicated or confusing about their platform and the ability to easily create pages and track what kind of results they generate is a huge advantage for any business.

What metrics is ReConvert going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

This app has crazy high ROI’s for its users. One company has seen an ROI of 6,894% with over $13,000 in additional revenue generated. Customers come back to a sites thank you page an average of 2.5 times. And this is the moment you just broke through with them, to get them to trust you enough to buy, so why stop at that one purchase? You should expect ReConvert to increase repeat purchases, activations into your loyalty program, you could even say average order value, but most importantly retention in all aspects of retention.

Who has to manage ReConvert and how long does it take to setup?

Depending on how you want your page to look, setup times vary. Simply adding a discount pop-up or birthday capture widget can be done in minutes. If you want to get more grandiose creating multiple pages and offers for different segments of customers, it will take more time. Like with most apps, the more time you put into it, the more you will get out of it. That being said, the drag and drop features are so easy to use that any member of your team, probably your marketing team, should be able to set up and maintain this tool.

When should you use ReConvert?

If you are selling anything online, you should be optimizing that thank you page experience. Why do it manually when you can use a tool like ReConvert? Whether you want them to buy again, promote your loyalty program, follow you on TikTok, or provide additional information about themselves, they are most likely to do it after purchasing from you, so put something there.

When shouldn't you use ReConvert?

Yes, you can do this manually, or maybe you know that you only want one simple call to action on the post-purchase page, like an SMS opt-in, and you have an SMS tool that will help you with this. OK, that is fine, but that may be leaving money on the table. Eventually you will want to come back and test various actions on this post-purchase page, or even source a new product to add in as a post-purchase upsell. Whatever it takes I will bet you money there is money to be made on this page.