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Collection: Order Bump Alternatives

OrderBump is a Shopify Plus app that helps you display offers for cross-sell or upsell specifically on the checkout page. After doing a lot of research, the OrderBump team discovered there are key differences between product page intent, in cart intent, and checkout intent to purchase. When a customer has reached checkout, they’ve gone over a lot of mental hurdles to purchase, which makes it an ideal place to make an irresistible offer. Kind of like the candy at the register of your digital store.

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  • ReConvert
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    ReConvert is a “thank you” page optimizer that allows you to resell to your customers after check out. It has a simple drag and drop interface that lets you completely customize your page and offers different pages based on triggers you set. There are discount pop-ups with countdown timers, product recommendations, a reorder button, and even the opportunity to capture additional information like the customer's birthday all available within the app. 

  • Ultimate Special Offers by Pixel Union
    Ultimate Special Offers by Pixel Union
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    Ultimate Special Offers, by Pixel Union, is an easy to use flexible app designed for merchants who are starting to create upsell and promotional campaigns. It offers eight campaign templates along with info on what you might expect to achieve from each different offer (helping you determine the best one to use).