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Collection: Re:amaze Alternatives

3 tools
  • Richpanel
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    Richpanel is a customer support platform that allows your team to track, manage and resolve customer support issues. This tool not only improves your customers experience, but also improves the ease of access and usability for your team.
  • jumper.ai
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    Jumper.ai is a chat tool on the forefront of conversational commerce and social commerce. They enable brands to connect with their customers right where the customer wants to chat: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, SMS, Google RCS, iMessage - basically any conversation platform you can think of. They also go on your website, so that you can sell through chat. Customers can get personalized advice, ask questions, request a demo and tada, best of all, pay for products all within the chatbox. 
  • Gorgias
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    Gorgias is an all-in-one customer support helpdesk software specifically designed for Ecommerce stores. 

    With a deep Shopify integration, Gorgias allows you to not only pull customer data into your helpdesk, so that agents can more easily access it, but they allow you to edit shipping information, adjust tags, and refund orders.