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One to One Retail E-commerce

Mar 5, 2021 9:00 AM
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1. We are inventing for you the retail month
We will be welcoming you on a new digital platform of live and networking, every friday morning at 9 a.m starting March 5th. Discover very soon the guests of honnour of the retail month !

2. We are creating a well-adjusted format
- Two-hour sessions around two main themes: customer experience and logistics, customer
- An instant messaging module for you to exchange and concretise your discussions
Learn more about the programme

3. We are proud to announce an emblematic president for 2021: Bris Rocher, President of the Rocher Group
Learn more about Bris Rocher

4. We are always thinking about you
While waiting for your gift bags in Monaco, a little surprise will be waiting for you on the platform when you log in!

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