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June 20, 2023 5:00 AM
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Storytelling with Video for Deeper Customer Engagement

Jun 16, 2021 11:00 AM
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Video has become an important element of ecommerce and marketing, especially for retail and direct-to-consumer brands. It’s a powerful storytelling vehicle that can be used to convey your brand story, bring your products to life and create social proof. And these days, video goes beyond YouTube -- brands use video in their ecommerce sites, in email and across social media.

This webinar will dive deep into the best practices for video. We’ll start with a presentation on the importance of video and how it can be used for ecommerce-based businesses. Following the presentation, we’ll have a panel discussion on how to create compelling video at scale, the many applications of video (e.g., product info, product reviews, UGC, product demonstrations and social media) and the ROI of investing in video content.

• Sarah Henry, Head of Content & Influencer Marketing at Walmart
• Stephen Bontempo, Chief eCommerce & Digital Officer at Comoto Group (Revzilla)
• Priya Shah, Co-Founder at Sauce Video (an Oracle Company)
• Moderated by: Veronika Sonsev, Co-Founder at CommerceNext

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