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Episode 0 - What is The Future of Ecommerce?

Our first episode gives you an idea on our show and what to expect over the coming episodes.

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Derric Haynie
Chief Ecommerce Technologist
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Podcast transcript

This brief episode 0 gives you an idea on the show and what to expect over the coming episodes.

Meet Derric Haynie, your host, and learn how you can join in the conversation or quietly follow along, your choice.

Thank you to our intro soundbyte contributors:

Sharon Goldstein - Limespot

Robert Rand - JetRails

Kurt Elster - Ethercycle and The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

Jason Anderson - Andzen

Ben Parr - Octane AI

Ty Givens - The Workforce Pro

Phil Roireau - Gorgias

Jill Liliedahl - Inventory Planner


Welcome to the Future of Ecommerce. I’m Derric Haynie, your host.

This podcast is designed to get you thinking more about the future, not just next month, but next year, 3 years from now, and even the 10 year future of your business and Ecommerce and retail at large.

My belief is that if we understand where this is all heading, we can reverse engineer how we get there and how we stay on top.

About the Podcast

Each episode will go deep on a specific topic. We’re not doing a traditional interview-style approach, but instead we send out a list of questions to industry experts, academics, brands, agencies, and Ecommerce technology providers who are at the forefront of their industry, and then we curate their answers until we have a clear prediction for what we can expect in the future.

Who is The Future of Ecommerce For?

This podcast is perfect for you if you’re an Ecommerce executive at a fast-growing digitally native vertical brand. Maybe you’re in beauty, maybe apparel, maybe you sell potato gag gifts, yes that is a real business, shout out to Riad. And yes, we will go deep into each vertical, in time, but most episodes will be product-agnostic and are designed to give you nuggets to take to the team and start building your vision for the future.

About Derric Haynie

And who am I to make these predictions? I’m a futurist, whatever that means, perhaps futurist enthusiast… essentially I think and talk about the future more than anyone I know. I’m a father, and I frequently think about the world my son will be living in. In a past life I was a successful high stakes poker player, where I really picked up the skills of decision making and thinking down the path of decisions you need to make to succeed over time. In the past, I ran an agency, where I got my first real taste of Ecommerce, then I worked in-house at Ecommerce brands, driving marketing and growth, and then I worked in-house at an Ecommerce tech company, where you can really get a unique vantage point on the industry. I’m honestly not the biggest Ecommerce guru myself, but I’m curious, and a fast study. 


These days I run, where I help connect Ecommerce stores with the right Ecommerce tech partners by giving them quicker research, pointing them to relevant solutions, and giving a framework for choosing the right tools. And you’ll occasionally hear about our events and opportunities throughout the show.

How to Get Involved

And if you’d like to get involved in the show, if you’re a brand or you believe you have a unique vantage point on the future of Ecommerce, email me, I’m, or you can go to

I truly value your advice and feedback. Listen, enjoy, review, and let’s have the most in-depth and public conversation we can about the future of Ecommerce.