Sambit Basu

Chief Technology Officer

Sambit Basu is the Chief Technology Officer for EcommerceTech. As someone who’s been building complex digital products and systems for the last 25 years, he counts himself as an entrepreneurial technologist. His passion lies in solving complex problems to drive major business outcomes. To do this, he focuses on effective product development, cloud migration strategies, and digital transformation. He believes in alignment of causes, strong relationships, and continuous training.

Having cut his teeth at several Silicon Valley startups, and worked with several major EdTech and FinTech brands, including Yahoo, Credit Sesame, GenapSys, and CampusQuad, he brings a wide range of skills and experience to the table, including recently finishing a SaaS product for a multi-billion dollar healthcare company. As well as leading and managing the team in Credit Sesame, he was responsible for building the entire serving infrastructure on the cloud. The product already has close to 10 million users.