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June 4, 2024

A Twitter marketing and analytics tool empowering merchants to develop deeper connections with their audiences.

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Audience Identification Analytics
Audience Segmentation
Influencer Discovery
Personality Insights
Media Strategy
Data Export
Community Management and Analysis


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Community Management and Analysis
Audience Segmentation
1 account included
3 limited insights report/month
Up to 3 audience segments
Up to 20 influencer profiles
Personality Insights
Media Affinity
Limited Multichannel Ads Activation


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Everything in Previous Plan
Tweet Analytics
Data Export
3rd Party Sources
1 Twitter Chatbot Included
Broadcasting DM Campaigns
Twitter Ads
Automatic Rule Builder


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Everything in Previous Plan
100,000 Monitoring and Listening Credits Included
5 Insights Report/month OR 60 per year

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What is Audiense Connect?

Audiense Connect is a Twitter marketing and analytics tool that helps merchants identify their audience on Twitter, engage with them, advertise to them, follow or unfollow them, Direct Message (DM) them, etc.

You can track your own social following, who’s following you, when they are most active, what they like. You can even upload your email list and they will match that with Twitter accounts, then you can follow, outreach, etc. This makes for a strong branding and retention strategy, and strengthens your ability to do social listening and understand the wants and needs of your audience, and this could possibly lead you to understanding what new products you’d want to create.

They also have an (more expensive) insights tool for larger companies that can really understand social audiences, create groups and segmentations (using AI), and basically get deeper research on your audience(s) and figure out better messaging, marketing strategy, etc.

The insights tool is typically perfect for advanced social media marketers, social media analysts, or analytics professionals.

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What makes Audiense Connect different than competitors?

Audiense Connect was built specifically around the organic process of how you would connect and outreach people on Twitter. Rather than doing this manually on the Twitter platform - searching for keywords, checking who’s following who, and outreaching - you can do it at a larger scale through Audiense Connect.

Audiense Connect is one of the most robust Twitter marketing and engagement tools in the market. It’s really for the serious Twitter marketer.

What metrics is Audiense Connect going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

Audiense Connect is going to help increase your overall presence on Twitter, from growing your following faster, to getting more impressions per post, to better engagements on those posts (perhaps by simply Tweeting at the right time using their “best time to Tweet” breakdown). And these metrics will increase website traffic to your site from Twitter, which of course should turn into new customers and revenue.

You need to look at all of these metrics simultaneously to truly understand the impact of Audiense Connect on your bottom line. I recommend creating a funnel from impressions, engagements, clicks, website visitors, email leads, new customers, and revenue. It isn’t too hard to set this up using UTM parameters when sharing links on Twitter, and using Google Data Studio or even just inside Google Analytics (if you aren’t currently using a more advanced business intelligence tool like a Glew or Daasity, etc.).

Who has to manage Audiense Connect and how long does it take to setup?

Audiense is often used by your head of marketing, marketing specialist, social media manager, or even you as the solo founder of a smaller brand that is focused on growing their Twitter account (to hopefully also grow the business).

Audiense is also very commonly used by agencies, especially social media marketing and social advertising agencies. I actually used this tool myself when running my social media marketing agency and I had virtual assistants run through saved searches and follow 20-50 people a day, then after 14 days we would unfollow anyone that didn’t follow us back. Now, this is an OK tactic and something you can use their platform for, but this isn’t the only thing, and it’s honestly a bit overplayed now in 2021, as opposed to 2013 when I was doing it. Anywho...

To get setup, you simply connect your Twitter account (or not, you don’t have to), probably also your Twitter ads account, and start using their search functionality to create audience profiles and pushing them to the ad platform, or simply using those search results to outreach those prospective customers.

Is Audiense Connect right for my store?

Audiense Connect is perfect for merchants that have identified Twitter as a great traction source for their business. If you’re getting sales from Twitter today, this can amplify those sales. If you’ve got a social media manager dedicated to managing and growing the Twitter account, Audiense Connect is a perfect tool to layer on top of your social media management tool for deeper insights and growth.

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