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April 25, 2024

Capture user information to send web push, SMS, and email notifications

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Web Push Notifications
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100 web pushes / mo
Emails - not available
SMS - not available
Welcome campaigns
Basic reports
Basic growth tools


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6,000 emails/month
7,000 web pushes/month
All abandoned cart messages
Promotional campaigns
Subscriber migration
24/5 Customer support
Unlimited contacts


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10,000 emails/month
15,000 web pushes/month
Advanced promo campaigns
All automations
Advanced reports
Advanced growth tools

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What is Firepush?

Firepush captures user information to send web push, sms, and email notifications, mainly around the abandoned cart, abandoned checkout, and abandoned product sequences.

This tool will not replace your email service provider, but it would become your de-facto web push notification and SMS marketing tool.

One thing to note about web push, is that the user subscribes anonymously, meaning you don’t know who they are, exactly. Firepush is building technology that helps de-anonymize the user - for instance, if they give their phone number as well, you can now start to tie the web push to a specific user account. If they purchase from a web push, you can tie it together, etc. This is crucial for understanding the user journey and will also prove important for advanced segmentation and personalization, especially when thinking about pushing this information to advertisers like Google and Facebook.

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What makes Firepush different than competitors?

Firepush is very unique in their functionality because they started with web push, then expanded into SMS and then email, and what is interesting is that they give you a unique approach to abandoned cart strategy - moving from free channels to cheap channels, to more expensive channels like SMS which costs money for every message sent, and paid advertising like Facebook and Google retargeting, which are the most expensive.

In the case of Firepush, you cannot integrate their SMS tool with customer service, so when you send a message, if the customer responds, that response will not make it back to you. So if you want a back and forth SMS communication tool, Firepush is not for you.

What metrics is Firepush going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

First and foremost you’re going to increase your conversion rate, and increase your abandoned cart recovery rate. With Firepush specifically, let’s say you’re already doing a good job in this department, you still would likely see an increase in ROI by a reduction in cost - the value of streamlining the process across channels will lower your cost per abandoned cart recovered, which is crucial for companies really pushing the envelope on their margins.

Secondary metrics will include number of users in your push, sms, and email lists, send rates, conversion rates from the messages, etc. Obviously you will want to do some testing around which messages are converting the best - For example, what’s better offering 10% off or $10 off?

Who has to manage Firepush and how long does it take to setup?

This tool is falling 100% under the marketing team, either your marketing manager or specialist is going to setup and manage campaigns, messages, and the growth of the list(s). 

It will take a couple of hours to setup the right opt-in strategy and follow up sequences, from there you will come in to check on or launch campaigns, adjust copy, and continue to improve the process.

Is Firepush right for my store?

Every store needs at least some form of these tools - web push, SMS, and email. The question for you is what is your current setup and do you want to layer these three tools together for an easy all-in-one approach, or do you want them in 3 standalone tools, for example, with Klaviyo, Privy, and PushOwl. If you’re well setup with abandoned cart sequences across other SMS and email tools right now, maybe you just want to add a web push tool and not migrate the work over to Firepush. Alternatively, even if you have those campaigns setup, but you’re not happy with your ROI or really trying to squeeze that margin, then this could be a great upgrade for you.

The smaller your store, the less valuable a tool like this will be, but it will also be cheaper, and even starting stores need a strong abandoned cart recovery strategy, which Firepush covers brilliantly.

What is great about this tool is that it works really well for both direct response businesses, because it's great at capturing visitor information and remarketing, and also for building long-term loyalty, you can even direct users to the loyalty program after they opt-in.

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