October 31, 2023

Robust HR software for hiring and managing global teams.

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Integrated Payments
Contractor Management

Payroll Consolidation

Starts at €2.50/mo
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Intuitive Editor

Employer of Record

Starts at €550/mo
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Employ in different countries without an entity
Locally compliant and customizable contracts
Access to local tax and HR expertise
No costly legal and payroll set-up
Visa and immigration support

Contractor Management

Starts at €20/mo
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Compliant contracts for different countries
Billing & Invoicing
Payment Tools
Pay contractors in their local currency
Streamlined invoice approval

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What is Lano?

Lano is a global Payroll Consolidation Platform, offering Payroll Automation, Payroll Services, and EOR Solutions via a single dashboard. With global coverage in 170+ countries and a robust integration into your existing HR and Payroll operations, Lano offers you complete compliance as you scale your global team.

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What makes Lano different than competitors?

Lano's partner-powered platform enables companies to expand their international hiring and payroll operations on their own terms. Lano employer of record and payroll provider partner network, brings decades of hyper-local compliance expertise in more than 170 countries worldwide, ensuring the highest standard of compliance. Lano plug-and-play set-up also enables companies to integrate their existing employer of record or payroll providers into the Lano platform, making it the most flexible global compliance platform in the market. Companies benefit from multi-country payroll, global process automation, remote hiring services and international payments all in one place.

What metrics is Lano going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

Lano key services support companies with metrics regarding international team expansion, such as:

- Employer of record

- International payroll automation

- International payroll consolidation

- Multi-country payroll outsourcing

- Contractor management

- International payments

Who has to manage Lano and how long does it take to setup?

Lano is utilised by companies who are looking to expand their business abroad - and need support with international hiring, payroll set-up, HR compliance, and process automation. Lano supports business founders and their senior HR teams in their international expansion journey.

Before accessing the Lano platform, all Lano prospects speak to internal Lano advisors to ensure a compliant solution is pursued by the company - whether it's hiring via employer of record, outsourcing payroll, automating multi-country payroll or managing contractors.

Is Lano right for my store?

Lano is recommended for scaling companies that are pursuing international expansion and are in need of compliance guidance on the way.

In particular, Lano provides guidance to business founders and their people, HR and payroll teams.

Considering Lano is a Berlin-based business available in 4 European languages (English, Spanish, German & French), it is a highly recommended solution for companies looking to grow within the EU.

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