April 25, 2024

Automated post-purchase success platform purpose-built for small parcel shippers of all volumes.

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Claims management
Error Monitoring
Delivery Reports
Refund Reports
Geographic reports
Real-time Shipment Tracking
Branded Tracking Pages
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Delivery Experience Management

Starts at $.07/shipment
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Shipping Notifications
Branded Tracking Pages
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Returns Experience Management

Starts at $7/month
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Returns Portal
Automated exchanges

Parcel Audit

35% of refunds claimed
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Claims management
Geographic reports
Refund Reports

All about

What is is an automated post-purchase success platform purpose-built for small parcel shippers of all volumes, designed to optimize shipping cost and craft a superior last mile customer experience.

They have 3 separate solutions that can be used independently or altogether depending on your needs:

  • Delivery Experience Management
  • Returns Experience Management
  • Parcel Audits and Shipping Refunds

Their Delivery Experience Management solution focuses on:

  • Identifying shipments facing delays or issues
  • Reducing delivery enquiries by up to 70% by providing real-time updates to customers
  • Leveraging tracking moments to increase repeat sales up to 25%
  • Resolving critical shipping incidents before they happen with automated tickets and proactive engagements
  • Decoding customer sentiment and gathering satisfaction ratings.

Their Returns Experience Management solution focuses on:

  • Creating a customized return policy and portal
  • Proactive updating on return status 
  • Offering and incentivizing exchanges and store credit in lieu of a full return
  • Managing return workflows

Their Automated Parcel Audit solution helps bring better performance accountability to shipping carrier services and recover up to 20% of your shipping cost by:

  • Lost and damaged claims management
  • Adjusting incorrect surcharges and billing errors
  • Managing delivery issues
  • Streamlining the claims submission process
  • Creating refund, shipping spend, and geographic shipping reports across multiple carriers

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What makes different than competitors? has combined 3 often separate functionalities into one platform, which makes them perfect for the brand looking to solve delivery, return, and carrier issues in one place. They also specialize in holding carriers accountable for any shipping failures that are eligible for recovering shipping costs, which not all other shipping or logistics platforms would be concerned with.

What metrics is going to improve for my Ecommerce store? drives savings in your shipping spend (up to 15%) through helping you reclaim costs you may not have otherwise. They give you new revenue channels through better upselling/cross-selling/ repeat purchases on your tracking page, emails, etc. And by offering your customers premium delivery and return experiences they are likely to improve brand experience, customer experience, customer satisfaction, and retention.

Who has to manage and how long does it take to setup?

Typically the decisionmaker for purchasing would be the CEO, Co-Founder, Operations/ eCommerce Managers, and/or even the warehouse manager. Anyone managing operations and/or the post-purchase customer experience is going to want to be on the call. Sometimes separate calls are set up for different departments so that each can see their own unique benefits of the platform.

Setup typically takes under 60 minutes (wow!). For more complex systems, onboarding and Integration assistance would be provided by, to make sure you’re getting the most out of the platform.

After that you’re likely to spend a few hours customizing the branding and look and feel of all post-purchase messages, your custom tracking page, etc. You may bring in your design team for tweaking some of these elements, or leave it in the hands of marketing or customer service.

You will also need to make adjustments and likely add workflows to your email service provider, SMS provider, helpdesk, etc.

Once fully up to speed, support agents will likely come into the platform multiple times a day. Operations managers may come in a couple of times a month to check on metrics and make sure everything is working as expected, perhaps compiling reports to bring to management or check for bigger issues.

eCommerce managers and marketers may also come in a couple times a month to check on metrics, make tweaks to workflows and campaigns, etc.

Mostly, is designed to work in the background and send alerts or pings to your other tools - Helpdesk, email service provider, sms provider, etc. - which will trigger workflows within those platforms to send out notifications to your customers.

Is right for my store? is best for merchants who are looking to take customer experience and brand experience up a level, as well as those who know they are leaving money on the table by not remitting all their claims (lost, damaged, etc.) to their carriers.

The more orders you have, and the more order issues or returns you have, the more valuable will be for you. Typically merchants with over 2,000 orders/month are going to get the most out of

That being said, there is no lower-bound threshold for who they will work with. Merchants with as few as 20 orders a month can still use for improved management of those post-purchase workflows.

They can be even more powerful for brands shipping through a 3PL or dropshipping service because they will bring you a stronger understanding and control over the timeline, process, etc.

For merchants using a ton of Klaviyo workflows around “Order Shipped,” can add a few more unique and powerful workflows for further streamlining communication and thus improving post-purchase experience.

They are best suited for small parcel shippers. Large parcel shippers like furniture, industrial equipment, etc. aren’t going to be a great fit, usually because they include installation and setup.

Merchants who don’t receive their tracking info will not be great fits for

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