June 5, 2024

Empowering brands to optimize their advertising campaigns on Amazon.

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What is m19?

m19 is an innovative platform revolutionizing Amazon sales and profitability through advanced AI-driven solutions. By leveraging sophisticated AI technology, m19 enables brands and agencies to scale their presence and optimize their PPC strategies on Amazon. With a focus on eCommerce profitability and margin control, m19 caters to over 5,000 successful Amazon accounts, empowering users to save time, increase productivity, and enhance brand performance.

Through in-depth reporting tools, 1:1 trainings, and cutting-edge machine learning capabilities, m19 helps customer-facing teams gain expertise, credibility, and efficiency in managing multiple accounts with limited resources. m19 simplifies keyword exploration, daily conversion prediction, and real-time bid adaptation, ensuring brand protection and competitive advantage.

With features like Product 360, Top of Search Rankings Optimizer, and Keyword Tracker, m19 offers a comprehensive suite of tools to drive success, control margins, and maximize sales on the Amazon platform.

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What makes m19 different than competitors?

m19 stands out from other similar eCommerce tools through its focus on leveraging sophisticated AI technology specifically for Amazon sales optimization. By offering a comprehensive suite of features tailored to maximize profitability and control margins on the Amazon platform, m19 provides a unique value proposition.

Its emphasis on PPC expertise, keyword exploration, daily conversion prediction, and real-time bid adaptation sets it apart by offering a holistic solution for sellers and agencies looking to scale their brands effectively while saving time and resources.

m19's commitment to customer success, productivity enhancement, and competition tracking further differentiate it as a top-tier eCommerce tool in the market.

What metrics is m19 going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

m19 can help improve key eCommerce metrics such as ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales), conversion rates, keyword performance, product visibility, and brand protection. Through AI-driven solutions, m19 enhances profitability, boosts sales, optimizes bid management, and provides insights for strategic decision-making to drive success on the Amazon platform.

Who has to manage m19 and how long does it take to setup?

The team members who would benefit from using m19 include Amazon account managers, PPC specialists, eCommerce analysts, and customer-facing teams aiming to maximize sales and improve brand performance on Amazon.

Setting up m19 involves collaborating with key stakeholders, defining business goals, configuring software settings, and integrating data sources. The complexity of the setup process can vary depending on the organization's size, existing infrastructure, and specific requirements, making it a moderate to large project that requires coordination across teams.

Is m19 right for my store?

m19 is ideal for businesses of all sizes that rely on Amazon as a primary sales channel and seek to enhance their visibility, profitability, and competitiveness on the platform. It caters to eCommerce brands, agencies, and sellers looking to leverage AI-driven solutions for PPC optimization, keyword exploration, and brand protection.

However, m19 might not be suitable for businesses not actively selling on Amazon or those that do not prioritize eCommerce sales as a significant part of their revenue stream. Additionally, companies with limited resources or those unwilling to adapt to AI-driven tools may find m19 less suitable for their needs.

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