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June 3, 2024

The customer service automation platform that optimises the customer journey with the help of generative AI.



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Up to 3 users
1 Integration
2 languages
50 workflows
Unlimited requests


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Up to 10 users
3 Integration
5 languages
100 workflows
Unlimited requests


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Up to 20 Users
5 Integrations
20 languages
Unlimited Workflows
Unlimited requests

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What is melibo?

melibo is an AI solution for customer service enhancement, functions as a sophisticated tool aimed at streamlining and optimizing customer interactions. Leveraging artificial intelligence technology, melibo can automate various aspects of customer service processes, providing efficient and effective solutions to common queries and issues.

melibo's AI capabilities enable it to analyze and interpret customer inquiries, interact with users through natural language processing, and provide personalized responses based on predefined rules and data sets. By incorporating machine learning algorithms, melibo can continuously improve its performance by learning from previous interactions and feedback.

This AI-driven customer service solution can enhance response times, ensure consistency in communication, and offer 24/7 support to customers. Through melibo, businesses can elevate their customer service operations, boost customer satisfaction levels, and optimize resources by automating routine tasks, thereby creating a seamless and more satisfying customer experience.

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What makes melibo different than competitors?

melibo sets itself apart from other eCommerce tools by its tailored approach to enhancing customer interactions. Unlike generic AI customer service solutions, melibo's focus on the fashion industry enables it to offer specialized responses and recommendations related to clothing, accessories, and trends. Its ability to understand nuanced fashion queries and provide relevant, personalized assistance showcases its industry-specific expertise.

melibo's integration of machine learning algorithms that continuously adapt and optimize its responses further distinguishes it, ensuring a higher level of accuracy and efficiency in addressing customer inquiries within the fashion domain.

What metrics is melibo going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

melibo can enhance key eCommerce metrics such as customer satisfaction rates, response times to inquiries, resolution rates of customer issues, and overall customer retention. By streamlining customer interactions, providing personalized assistance, and optimizing responses, melibo can contribute to improved metrics and a more efficient customer service experience.

Who has to manage melibo and how long does it take to setup?

melibo would typically be utilized by customer service representatives, support teams, and eCommerce managers within a team. These individuals would leverage melibo to enhance customer interactions, improve response times, and optimize problem resolution processes for a more efficient service experience.

Setting up melibo involves a moderate-sized project that would require collaboration between IT specialists, data analysts, and customer service teams. Configuring the AI system, integrating it with existing platforms, training the model, and refining responses to align with business goals can take several weeks to a few months to complete effectively.

Is melibo right for my store?

melibo is beneficial for businesses across various industries seeking to streamline and enhance customer service processes. Online retailers, eCommerce platforms, tech companies, and service providers can leverage AI for efficient query resolution, personalized interactions, and improved response times. Businesses with high customer traffic, complex inquiries, or the need for 24/7 support can greatly benefit from AI-driven customer service solutions.

However, melibo might not be suitable for businesses that require a high level of human touch in customer interactions, have very niche customer requirements that are hard to automate, or lack the resources for implementing and maintaining AI technologies effectively.

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