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August 24, 2023

Modern Expense Management

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1.5% cash back
Unlimited users & cards
Automated savings reports
$175,000 partner rewards
Custom accounting fields
Advanced user roles
Slack integration
Identity management


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1.5% cash back
Unlimited users & cards
Automated savings reports
$175,000 partner rewards


Fixed Monthly Fee
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Everything from Startup
Custom accounting fields
Advanced user roles
Slack integration
For companies under 100 FTEs’


Custom pricing
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Everything from Growth
Identity management
Quarterly spend audits
Dedicated Account Manager
For companies over 100 FTEs

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What is Ramp?

Ramp is a credit card and financial management tool that earns you 1.5% cash back on all purchases while also automating your accounting. It takes everything you would usually have to track by spreadsheet (travel, recurring expenses, supplies, etc.) and plugs it into an easy to use platform. 

Say you have one of your employees traveling and they purchase lunch on the go. Ramp will log the charge, email the employee to upload a picture of the receipt, match the receipt image to the transaction and reconcile the purchase to the appropriate category. It even allows you to bulk upload receipt images and the system will automatically pair the images with the correct transaction. Accounting teams, finance teams and controllers love Ramp because of how much time it saves them and how easy it makes the entire process of managing company finances. 

Ramp is used like a charge card where you pay the entire balance at the end of every 30 day period, so there are no APR’s, fees, or spending caps because you are paying it back right away. And you are earning 1.5% cash back on every purchase with no minimum spending or waiting required. You can access your reward as soon as you have earned it.

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What makes Ramp different than competitors?

I’m not sure there is another tool that combines a credit card with a vendor management platform, and an AI-driven reconciliation tool that helps finance teams, bookkeepers, and accountants square away all monthly transactions.

And the obvious dividing factor for Ramp is their 1.5% uncapped, unconditional cash back on all purchases through their card(s).

  • Getting Ecommerce customers
  • Cash back is typically getting from other cards (like AMEX)
  • Card Limits is typically getting from other cards (like AMEX)
  • Spend tracking
  • Typically close larger businesses

What metrics is Ramp going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

Unlike other credit cards, which focus on helping you with cash flow, Ramp is really all about helping you with managing your spend - from their vendor management tool to their expense policy and card management system - they make it easier for you to track spend, and they make it significantly easier for your finance teams to save time in the reconciliation process - approximately 5.4 days per month saved and $15K in time, according to their site.

Who has to manage Ramp and how long does it take to setup?

This is a tool for the C-suite, CFO, or finance/accounting team to set up and manage. 

Ramp gives you a switching report, shows all your vendors that you’re paying on a recurring basis. They give you the URL to switch the vendor over to a Ramp card. They help you understand which employee or department is responsible for that spend, and they really make the transition process as easy as possible.

Is Ramp right for my store?

Ramp is great for highly scalable merchants: 50, 100 person companies that are in their series B, C, D or equivocal stages (since Ecommerce rarely does “traditional” round raises like that). And because they are free, a lot of early stage companies come in and use them from the start.

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