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April 25, 2024

Quickly sell your damaged or refurbished products, samples, open boxes, etc., at discounted rates rather than toss them.

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What is Returns for Sale?

Ever get a returned product and it is slightly damaged? But not so damaged that someone out there wouldn’t be happy to have it at a discounted price? 

Returns For Sale helps you to post a “damaged” listing, highlighting exactly what’s wrong with it, at a discounted rate so you can find buyers for products you would otherwise just have to toss. 

It starts by adjusting the return policy, letting customers know how it works, and taking pictures of what is wrong with the product. Then, once you’ve explained the condition of the product and why the price has been reduced, you set up drip pricing.

Drip pricing is a specific price reduction that happens over time to help you find the perfect price to sell the item at. Example: the discounted rate starts at 10% off and then goes an additional 1% off the previous day’s price every day until it sells - but never goes past the floor rate you set. 

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What makes Returns for Sale different than competitors?

I’ve never seen another tool that helps with selling damaged or refurbished products quite like this before. It’s simple but makes a big difference on your profitability, because you’ve got these damaged products just sitting in your warehouse costing you money, and now boom, you can sell them and clear it out.

Their second layer of differentiation is the fact that you can drip the product price. Many of their brands lower the price by 1% every day until the product is sold, thus creating this sort of “liquidation urgency” that helps you get the damaged product(s) moved.

What metrics is Returns for Sale going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

Returns for Sale is all about making you money off of products that otherwise would have sat on the shelves, gone in the trash, or had to be liquidated in some other form. This is, in many cases, pure profit… Even though it feels like you’re losing money, because you may be selling a product at less than Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), you are actually avoiding what would be a standard shrinkage cost and making revenue where you would have just had to eat the entire cost. This is really going to help your annual profit margin, reduce shrinkage costs, and also reduce your warehouse costs by getting rid of product that has just been sitting.

Who has to manage Returns for Sale and how long does it take to setup?

Typically it is the head of eCommerce, warehouse manager, or operations manager who is aware of all these returned products that can’t be sold on the regular eCommerce storefront and are looking for a way to sell or liquidate these items, that’s when they tend to stumble upon Returns for Sale, install the tool, and start setting up product sales.

Setup length will vary depending on how many products you need to put up, whether or not you need to go take pictures of those products (to showcase their flaws or other reasons why they can’t simply be sold as normal products), and then you also set the price and timing around price to make sure the product gets sold timely. 

From there, you will check in from time to time, add new products as returns come in, and monitor the sales and success of products in Returns for Sale, simply for understanding performance (you don’t need to monitor shipping or other aspects of selling product through this tool, as that all is handled normally, just like any other product sold on the site, you simply may be curious to know how much money you’ve made on selling returned or refurbished items on your store).

Is Returns for Sale right for my store?

Returns for Sale is one of those tools that is only for a certain type of merchant, but if you are that type of merchant, you can really use their tool.

Returns for Sale is typically for medium to high priced items that may be returned damaged or in an otherwise unsellable condition, but are still operable. This can often be automotive, beauty, fashion, electronics, and many other product categories where you’ve got product sitting in your warehouse that can’t be brought back into the general population - it has to be sold as a one-off.

If you are a drop-shipper that is handling your own returns, you can use this tool to re-sell damaged products.

If you have very low priced products, don’t handle your own returns or don’t ask your customers to return your product when they ask for a refund, or any other reason why you don’t need to keep and resell slightly damaged or refurbished items that are sitting in your warehouse, then I don’t know why you’ve made it this far in the product listing, ha.

Also worth noting, the more volume you are doing as a seller, and the more return volume you are doing, the more powerful Returns for Sale will be. Selling one refurbished item a month, not exciting, but if you can list and sell 5-10 $300 products a month and get those off the warehouse floor (plus break even or even profit on the sale), that is going to move the needle on your bottom line.

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