April 22, 2024

A strong shipping and delivery tool for retailers and 3PLs in the Australian, Asian, and European regions.



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DHL Express
DEAR Systems
Peoplevox Descartes
Royal Mail
Post Haste
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Integrated Shipping Labelling
SMS Notifications
Email Notifications
Shipping Rate Calculations
Packing slips, Manifests & Customs Documentation
Multiple Carriers
Multiple Sales Channels
Import Orders


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Up to 4,000 Labels/month
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What is Starshipit?

Starshipit is a strong shipping and delivery tool for retailers and 3PLs (Third Party Logistics providers). They originated and are specifically strong in the Australia region, and now have moved into all of Asia Pacific and EU regions, especially the UK. (Shipping platforms like this rely on direct integrations with 100s of local mail carriers to do a great job for you).

They have all the standard order management functionalities for tracking order status, displaying it to the customer on a branded tracking page, updating order information, troubleshooting lost or delayed packages, etc.

Starshipit has 8 carriers in the UK, 31 in Asia Pacific and are growing very fast.

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What makes Starshipit different than competitors?

The biggest difference is their regionality, having started and focused on Australia and the Asia Pacific region for so long, they have all the key integrations you need to ship and sell to that region.

Starshipit is not a broker or negotiator of shipping rates. You can use the standard rates or have to negotiate your own contracted rates, and they can update their system with that information. You can also create your own table rates for couriers that don’t provide rates via API.

What metrics is Starshipit going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

Starshipit is all about improving the process of shipping products faster, improving tracking of the product through the delivery process (and thus keeping the customer happy by better relaying that information back to them).

Possibly most valuable to you: saving you and your operations team dozens of hours a month in buying shipping, printing labels, and the customer service process.

Who has to manage Starshipit and how long does it take to setup?

Typically the person managing this tool will be a warehouse operative, your head of operations, or whoever is in charge of shipping out orders.

Every new customer gets a customer success specialist and hand-holding onboarding session, where they will help you gather all your API credentials from carriers, connect your Royal Mail, DHL Express, UPS, Hermes, DPD, etc., accounts, and get you fully understanding the platform and the value. You’ll get setup with your printing and labels, make sure your package sizes and weights are well understood, setup your packing slips, notifications, you get a branded tracking page, and basically within an hour or two (assuming you’re well organized on your end) you will be off and running.

Is Starshipit right for my store?

Starshipit can be helpful for merchants of any size over 0 (if you don’t have any orders, you don’t need an order management system). They will be more powerful with merchants with more orders, whether it’s 1,000 or 50,000 shipments a month, the problem really becomes big at those levels, and they solve it.  But most importantly, you would prefer them over other order management platforms when you do most of your business in Australia, the Asian Pacific, the UK, or the EU.

Right now Starshipit is not for brands selling only in the USA or North America - they will launch that market in 2022. (and all the integrations that you need to best serve that market).

Starshipit works well with 3PLs. You can create child accounts for each client, allowing you to print branded packing slips for each of the merchants in your warehouse. You can also manage multiple locations, and allow access to your clients.

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