April 25, 2024

Optimize your operations with a "single source of truth" for all your operations needs. It is the ERP for mid-market merchants.



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What is Stateset?

Optimize your Ops.

Stateset has built that “single source of truth” operations platform for the mid-market merchant. So, where a large merchant like Men’s Warehouse might prefer an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution like Netsuite, which comes with a hefty price-tag at over $250k/year, Stateset has built a similar solution for the mid-market that starts at $795/month, displacing your inventory management solutions, return management, customer service, subscription management, and accounts receivable.

They are solving complex workflows with ease, such as when you’re using 3rd party payment providers, buy now pay later tools, parts have to be returned to multiple warehouses, etc.

Stateset is on a mission to automate every part of the post-purchase eCommerce experience. From customer service to inventory syncing across 150 stores and eCommerce… You can have live inventory and fulfillment counts to ensure there are products.

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What makes Stateset different than competitors?

Many other operations management platforms focus more heavily on inventory, warehouse, and logistics. Stateset comes in a bit more focused on the post-purchase experience and their strengths are around return management, understanding customer purchase behavior, managing subscriptions, and managing purchase orders and invoices.

What metrics is Stateset going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

Stateset covers many aspects of customer relationship and thus impacts all aspects of your business. Most notably, with their return management functionality, you should see a decrease in returns and a decrease in cost per return, as well as faster return ticket close times.

Who has to manage Stateset and how long does it take to setup?

Typically, your Chief Operations Officer and head of eCommerce will be managing this tool, while your customer service team will also be using it to handle tickets, respond to customers, etc.

It takes between 2 weeks and a month to get fully up and running. Onboarding takes longer if you require custom integration work. They do all the setup and integration work in the background for you. Typically they will train your team in 1-2 calls of about 3-5 hours total, to get you understanding the tool and working within it.

With them, you won’t need a system integrator or agency to make the connections for you. They will make sure they’ve got all the data and access they need for their platform to be fully utilized.

Is Stateset right for my store?

Stateset is perfect for merchants doing $50mm+/year that has multiple fragmented business components, such as multiple warehouses, domestic and international supply chains, multiple retail storefronts, legacy technology products or partners not talking with newer solutions. And separately, if you’re company feels like it has a bloated operations department, with most of the team working through spreadsheets or in a constant influx of calls from vendors and partners, this will help manage the store more efficiently in a way that will streamline the processes for the team, allow you to slim down headcount or reassign employees, or simply take down all those job listings for more operations team members.

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