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The AI-Powered Platform That Makes It Possible For Brands To Personalize Every Marketing Touchpoint At Scale

The AI-Powered Platform For Brands To Personalize Every Marketing Touchpoint At Scale
Derric Haynie
May 11
Feb 21, 2022
May 11, 2022 10:21

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About Netcore

Netcore Cloud’s Customer Engagement & Experience platform is a full-stack solution that helps you drive meaningful conversations with customers across all touch points. Backed by the power of AI/ML, Netcore Cloud enables Ecommerce brands to fuel omni-channel growth.

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These days, people are more concerned about online privacy than ever before. But as an Ecommerce brand owner, these concerns can be challenging to address. From short customer attention spans, to growing competition and having to consolidate data from multiple sources, maintaining privacy when it comes to your customers data is no easy task. 

So how do you overcome this as an Ecommerce brand founder? How can you maintain privacy while also increasing sales and managing the rest of your business? The answer is easier than you think, and you don’t have to compromise your shoppers’ privacy at all. 

The answer is in your tech stack. Instead of worrying specifically about maintaining your data, find a tool that gives you the power to engage customers from acquisition to retention all in one place - one that lets you drive purchases through personalized omnichannel customer experiences at scale. Instead of fragmenting your marketing tools, complicating your data security by having emails here, SMS there, and push notifications somewhere else, streamline the process and secure your information through a unified platform. 

Let me introduce you to Netcore Cloud, a platform that makes it possible for a consumer brand to reach their customers through multiple touch points, including email, web messages, push notifications, SMS, and more. 

Netcore maximizes value by increasing the odds of conversion - by getting the right message, to the right person, at the right time, through the right channel. How? By analyzing customer data with its AI-powered engine and providing actionable insights.

I know - it’s a lot to take in at once, so let me break down why I like Netcore so much.

The main pillars that make up Netcore

As mentioned, Netcore has an extensive offering, featuring their main pillars:

  • Customer Engagement: Uses machine learning and data analysis to efficiently automate the delivery of highly personalized campaigns to distinct customers at the right channels to drive more engagement.
  • Personalization: Personalize experiences at every touchpoint and help your customers discover products they will love. 
  • Product Experience: No-code platform helping you nudge users in the right direction, increasing features adoption, customer retention and conversions. 
  • Email Service Provider, Marketing Automation, Customer Data Platform and API: AI-powered email platform where you can build, integrate, and deliver emails within seconds to build more meaningful customer connections. Includes a customer data platform that helps maintain a unified view of customer information. 
  • White-Glove Services: A dedicated account manager who will help you set up Netcore for success andcontinue working with you on an ongoing basis.

All of this works better with the help of its AI engine, which analyzes your customer and campaign performance data 24/7.

Netcore’s Raman AI Engine

By watching data around the clock, Netcore’s AI engine Raman will notify you of any good or bad anomalies detected. From there, you can take action right away.

The metrics Raman tracks for you depend on your business goals, meaning you can set up your dashboard to track custom events and metrics. Along with tracking and reporting on this data, Raman also provides explanations behind each timely insight.

The result gives you a full, unified view of every shopper interacting with your store. Brands have used this data to: 

  • Discover new segments of shoppers to engage with.
  • Deliver personalized recommendations at scale and across multiple touchpoints.
  • Predict user segments that are most likely to uninstall your app in real time, so you can re-engage them.
  • Optimize your email campaigns with features like Send Time Optimization and Subject Line Generation.

Essentially, you can take all of this data one step further by actually applying it to your marketing touchpoints, which brings me to… Netcore’s full product suite.

Netcore’s customer engagement and experience platform

Netcore has a large product offering that expands across the entire customer journey. When I say full-stack, I mean it.

There’s a reason why brands are seeing up to a 30% increase in conversions when using the software.

From engagement tools to testing tools, Netcore is a great solution for you if you’re looking for more meaningful ways to communicate with customers (while also not needing to rely on third-party data to personalize the experience).

Customer engagement: 

The whole goal here is to keep customers engaged so they make a purchase, right? Well, luckily Netcore also has many products geared toward this, including customer journey mapping, multi-channel marketing, behavioral analytics, and churn management.


The email product may be one of the most robust. In fact, Netcore sends over 12 billion emails, 30 billion messages, and does over 100 billion triggered events per month. It offers rich APIs, webhooks, personalization, design, testing, and more. 


Everyone knows how important it is to only show relevant products to shoppers. Otherwise, you’ll lose their attention in a matter of seconds. Netcore offers this and more, such as AI powered product recommendations, omnichannel personalization, personalized boutiques for each user, and personalized notifications and emails. 

Product Experience

Netcore’s no-code platform helps your product team improve funnel conversions and build amazing product experiences. You can set up the right nudges and walkthroughs for your users without any dependency on developers or having to wait for app releases, things like product star ratings, or adding products to a watchlist. 

Do you see what I mean now about how this single product suite can take up multiple parts of your marketing stack? As a bonus, you get to keep tons of data under one roof.

This is where the magic of Netcore’s Customer Data Platform really comes into play. By unifying all these tools, your customer data is housed in a single location - keeping it secure and allowing you to deliver consistent experiences across various marketing channels. 

You can review, analyze and take action all from within the Netcore Platform. 

If you like the sound of that, let me tell you how easy it is to get Netcore for your store.

Installing and setting up Netcore

First, start with a demo from the Netcore team, so they can figure out how to best help your business. 

As you can probably expect with such a robust platform, Netcore can take a little while to set up. Because of this, it comes with a white-glove onboarding service to help optimize your data and customer experiences. 

The average launch time is 5 days, and you can expect to see results within 5 weeks.

Overall, this platform is best for businesses that are looking to have a unified view of their data from a single location, and want to be able to take action on that data from the same place. You should have at least one full-time marketer that can dedicate time to managing such a robust platform, going in for a couple of hours every day to report on performance and create campaigns. Larger consumer brands will have an entire team utilizing a tool like Netcore regularly.

Final thoughts on Netcore

Netcore offers growth-stage and omnichannel brands a powerful tool that will allow them to leverage their data in a way that will propel their business forward. 

There is no doubt that consolidating tools and information into a single platform is valuable, the trick is finding a platform that can actually do it well. Netcore has done just that, lifting metrics across the board and saving your team countless hours and headaches along the way. 

Visit Netcore here and take a demo of the platform to see for yourself.

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About Netcore

Netcore Cloud’s Customer Engagement & Experience platform is a full-stack solution that helps you drive meaningful conversations with customers across all touch points. Backed by the power of AI/ML, Netcore Cloud enables Ecommerce brands to fuel omni-channel growth.

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