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Here's a long list of all top-tier Ecommerce and Shopify apps in the ecosystem, that we have been able to test and partner with thus far.

This list is constantly expanding, check back for new partners.

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Before we get into the tools, I'd like to spend a minute teaching you my strategy for vetting and choosing the right Shopify apps, for my own stores.

Understanding The Shopify App Ecosystem

All tools can be broken into two main categories:

  • KPI driven tools, which improve a value metric in your business and should impact revenue, growth, and/or margin.
  • Time saving tools, which free up your human capital to focus on other activities.

Be clear on which type of tool you're looking for. Most of the time it should be KPI driven, but if you're considering switching providers, it could be more for a time/money saving reason.

How to Choose the Right Shopify Apps For Your Store

When looking for a tool that fits with your store, you should prioritize for these 6 questions:

1. Is it built for Ecommerce?

If not, it may be missing key integrations and features. We want solutions that understand the unique problems of Ecommerce, because they aren't the same as B2B...

2. What is their focus metric?

Find the one metric this tool "promises" to increase and tie that back to the value it will provide to your business, hopefully directly back to revenue. At the worst, tie it back to customer satisfaction.

Bonus: Define the expected impact of the tool and report back on it's success or failure.

3. Do you have the resources and know-how to properly execute and use this tool to its fullest?

If not, should you hire additional resources, or should you shelve this tool until you have more time.

4. Are they priced fairly for the value they provide? Are they priced on a value metric? Are you paying for features that you already have / don't need?

If you're paying for two tools that do the same thing, there's a cost waste, and typically some convolution between the tools. Figure out if this tool covers exactly what you need. While you want to prepare for growth and enacting "cool" features in the future, it's important to be able to compartmentalize what you need today from what you need tomorrow.

5. How do the features differentiate from competitors?

If it's unclear, I'd typically go with a market leader, best funded, or best reviewed.

6. Does this tool fit with the rest of your tool stack?

It's more important than ever that all of your tools talk to each other. Make sure it integrates with your core apps appropriately. Make sure the sales rep isn't saying "yes," but really means that you have to use a webhook or Zapier (both are workarounds when you don't have a direct integration, which is always prefered).

Featured Tool

You're starting a new store and you need to acquire customers.

Use Octane AI's Messenger Marketing Tool for acquisition, increasing conversion rate, and retaining customers.

My favorite features are:

  • The abandon cart messages that show the user the products actually in their cart.
  • The easy integration into your store and pop-up builder so you can get setup and collecting Messenger subscribers in under 1 hour.
  • The comment response tool that can turn all of your engaged fans into subscribed users.
  • The detailed segmentation and automation that will drive users to become paying customers.

All Current Ecommerce Tech Partners


Email marketing for Ecommerce has never been easier. Klaviyo comes locked and loaded with sequences for key stages of the customer journey. Spend a few hours customizing and launching these sequences, and integrating Klaviyo with your email capture and Messenger marketing tools.


While Klaviyo rocks at email marketing, it neglects (as do most store owners) your Shopify notification emails. These are your transactional emails that are automatically sent out by Shopify. Spently helps you brand and optimize these so that you close more sales and increase retention.


Now that you've got email marketing squared away, you will want a clever way to capture email addresses. This is where Privy comes in: Email capture and on-site conversion rate. It integrates with Klaviyo and Octane, so that you can capture email addresses, and other valuable information. And then the magic happens: Segmentation and personalization. From here, show cat lovers cat photos, and dog lovers dog photos. Men see men's clothes. Women see women's clothes. You getting the picture?


Influencer Marketing


You've got a new store, and one of the most important things you can do, is get more social proof on your product detail pages. Loox is a photo review app so that you can get the review and the picture of the customer using the product, which is great for social media, on-site social proof, and it actually helps retain that customer.


Influencer marketing, so hot right now... But you don't have the budget for that, or do you? GetCarro is an influencer marketing platform designed to help you identify which of your customers are also influencers. 🤯 Focus on the influencers that already care about your products and you're very likely to get raving reviews, for cheap or free.

Messenger Marketing

Octane AI

Messenger marketing is a powerful channel that can engage customers, create a personalized experience, and really open up a whole new avenue for growing your store. This is a tool that is only as powerful as the person that wields it. You have to make the investment into Messenger marketing, to get substantial value from it.



Conversion Rate Optimization

Fera AI

Privy helps with pop-up conversion and segmentation, but what about tweaking your product detail page, or checkout page. Maybe add some urgency, or well-timed social proof. Fera is the perfect A/B testing tool that gives you access to 100s of proven skills for increases conversion rate optimization.

Bold Upsell

We're optimizing our store for increasing sales, but we also want one customer to buy more. Use Bold Upsell, in conjunction with Bold Brain, to find the right products to suggest at the right stage of the customers journey. Move customers that were going to buy 1 lb of coffee up to the 2 lb bag. Or maybe they need more coffee filters. The possibilities are only limited by your product catalog.


You've got a new store, and one of the most important things you can do, is get more social proof on your product detail pages. Loox is a photo review app so that you can get the review and the picture of the customer using the product, which is great for social media, on-site social proof, and it actually helps retain that customer.




What would help incentivize a photo review? How about if you give each new customer "points" for reviewing the product and store experience? Smile is a retention and loyalty tool that is very easy to setup and will truly incentivize referrals and repeat purchases.

Final Thoughts

Your tech stack will continue to evolve as your company grows, and as the landscape changes. The future of Ecommerce will include more augmented reality, improved communication between your logistics and customer service, and marketing for that matter.

Expect costs to increase as you grow, but your percentage of revenue dedicated to technology should end up shrinking over time as the company scales.

Good luck.

Derric's tool recommendations changed my life.

- Real Ecommerce CEO -

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