December 14, 2023

Customer Data and Analytics Platform with a Success Team on Top

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Analytics Report Suite
Demographics and Behavioral Enrichment
Audience Segmentation
Customer Success Team Support

$2 - $10million Annual Revenue

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Analytics Report Suite
Demographics and Behavioral Enrichment
Audience Segmentation
Customer Success Team Support

$10 - $25million Annual Revenue

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$25 - $50million Annual Revenue

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What is Decile?

Exclusive Offer: 5-day free trial for qualified brands

Decile is your strategic partner in understanding your business analytics, and acting on them to grow your store. They have a handful of enrichment partners where they enrich your existing data set with behavioral insights and psychographic data - solving data science and modeling questions.

They have dozens of out of the box dashboards that help you understand your:

  • acquisition,
  • retention,
  • lifetime value,
  • median days to second order,

and hundreds of other key data points that help you optimize all sorts of components of your business and marketing strategy. From second purchase timing to purchase frequency prediction based on behavior, gender-based revenue analyses, time-based cohorts to product analytics, aggregated by customer, etc.

They allow you to create custom segments and push to your email service provider or ad platform, including Facebook, Amazon, Google, Snapchat, and a few others, or just a custom CSV.

They have an Audience Clustering tool which automatically builds profiles based on persona demographic information (enriched by one of their data partners). This can help you best understand the key attributes of a cluster and then export that segment to your various ad or email platforms and market to them accordingly.

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What makes Decile different than competitors?

Decile combines great out-of-the-box analytics, with strong data enrichment to bring a lot of unique insights to your brand. You don’t need any coding or SQL experience to get started, and they can tie into your Customer Data Platform to ensure proper data accuracy. So they really bridge the gap for mid-market and larger businesses that don’t want to bloat their analytics costs, but also know that there is value in their data.

I really love their revenue forecasting analysis tool which helps you understand how many new customers you need to hit certain revenue milestones, and helps you work backwards from there, by adding cost of acquiring a new customer, to understand how much you should be budgeting for advertising/acquisition.

What metrics is Decile going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

Decile is an analytics and business intelligence tool, so it really can impact all the metrics in your business, from improving customer acquisition cost, to improving profit by product, to improving lifetime value from your best-fit (or even your worst-fit) customers.

Who has to manage Decile and how long does it take to setup?

You can start pulling in your Shopify store data with a 1-click integration. From there you can jump right into the dashboards and start digging for insights. Most likely, you will be meeting with their team to review your analytics and find some key opportunities. Then it is back on you and your team to execute on the changes, or test, and then check back in the platform to see whether you’ve improved your metrics… or not.

Decile can be used across your organization, from marketing to operations to finance to merchandising, everyone can have a dashboard (or two or ten) that they use regularly to make changes in the business.

You’ll then want to log in weekly to check the data, and meet with the team every other week, where they will go through your metrics and give you any new insights.

Is Decile right for my store?

Decile is best for high-growth Direct to Consumer (DTC) brands doing over $2mil in spaces like health and beauty, fashion and apparel, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), etc.

They aren’t perfect for international clients, since their enrichment is focused in the US market. They aren’t designed well for B2B. Not great for Auto or Financial Services or other categories with long consideration phases.

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