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HR Summit | Retail Bulletin

Oct 6, 2021 9:00 AM
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The Retail Bulletin

Retail HR teams are are still coping with the fall out from the massive disruption from 2020. Being resourced with the right information both legally and strategically will help HR teams continue to provide structure for their workforce. The annual Retail HR Event will help on the continued journey to implement the strategies needed at this time of unprecedented development and change.

Managing a workforce in a pandemic is not something any of us thought we’d have to contend with. In the last year our Retail HR community have come together at our smaller events to share challenges, process, navigate legal issues and ask for guidance. We have seen a passionate drive from our HR leaders to protect the culture of organisations while keeping teams safe. High on the agenda has been supporting wellbeing, and nurturing a workforce that can sustain energy and resilience.

The upheaval has been unprecedented but HR leaders had the opportunity to redesign the way their organisations work. Business culture is a powerful enabler and never has that been more apparent. The way team have communicated, suppored and collaborated has had a critical bearing on how successful these organisations are now able to continue in this new era

This online event is ideal for business leaders, HR professionals and managers in retail and related industry sectors, who want to understand the impact of the changing workplace. If you’re concerned about how well your organisation is equipped for change and want pragmatic steps to take away with you, this event is for you.

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