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Optimizing Shipping and Fulfillment Operations for Q4: Expert Panel Discussion

Sep 14, 2023 4:00 PM
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Brightpearl by Sage

To help you conquer your busiest season yet, we’ve teamed up with Shiptheory, nShift, Descartes Peoplevox, and EasyPost for an exclusive webcast. Our aim? To supercharge your shipping and fulfillment strategies. Why? Because operational excellence matters – it’s a cornerstone of remarkable customer experiences and will save you loads of time and stress!

Get ready to dive into an array of insightful topics: from streamlining order processing to harnessing tech for seamless operations, optimizing warehouse efficiency, providing diverse shipping options for customer delight, mastering communication and expectations, to revealing shipping and fulfillment optimizations that stand the test of time.

Don’t miss the wisdom of industry experts Sean Sherwin-Smith (nShift), Tom Butt (EasyPost), Rita Jenkins (Shiptheory), and Johannes Panzer (Descartes Peoplevox).

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