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June 20, 2023 5:00 AM
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Savant Supply Chain Congress 2021 | Savant Events

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Savant Events

With cutting-edge tech at your fingertips and shifting customer purchasing patterns, supply chain and logistics have never been so exciting – or so demanding!

Savant Supply Chain is always at the forefront of developments in your sector. An energising and high-level event like no other in the supply chain space, it brings together 130+ Heads of Supply Chain, Logistics and Planning from Europe’s most established and most innovative B2C supply chains.

Attendees describe it as “the most interactive supply chain conference I have ever attended” (Crocs), “really inspiring” (Nike) and “perfectly organised with great speakers” (Starbucks). That’s because we’ve stripped out all the things people don’t like from typical supply chain events, and created a space where Europe’s leading experts can meet each other on a first-name basis and make meaningful connections.

Throughout the two days, you will explore real-life applications of digital tech including AI, RPA and IoT to improve your decision-making and drive efficiency. You will hear how your peers are using data insights to build customer-centric supply chains that support their overall company value proposition. You will learn the best ways to upskill existing staff, and attract and retain the best new talent. You will examine a range of emerging delivery solutions, enabling you to build an agile delivery network that exceeds your customers’ expectations. You will also discuss how excellent demand- and supply planning can improve your forecasting accuracy and streamline your processes; and how you can build a sustainable supply chain that reduces waste and also serves as a competitive differentiator for your company.

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