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The Covid effect on brand-charity relationships and predictions for 2021

Feb 25, 2021 10:00 AM
Hosted by:
ShoppingGives & DTC Magazine

ShoppingGives, together with DTC Magazine, direct-to-consumer brands Sakara and Miir, and Feeding America, will explore how the Covid-19 pandemic shifted the relationships between brands, consumers, and nonprofits in 2020.

We'll explore what changed in 2020 and how social impact shifted buying behavior pre-Covid vs post-Covid. Consumers are increasingly seeking value-alignment with the brands that they support, and DTC brands are turning to social impact to meet the needs of these conscious consumers. Consumers are expecting brands to do more and to be a voice for social change, and the future of social impact is only growing.

Adam Chandler, Editor, DTC Magazine

- Ronny Sage, CEO, ShoppingGives
- Aaron LaMonica-Weier, Senior Manager, Digital Platforms, Feeding America
- Mandy Lozano, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, MiiR
- Meagan Fleishman, Director of Growth Marketing, Sakara

This discussed in based on the recently published report by ShoppingGives & DTC Day Magazine – "Direct-to-Consumer Brands and the Social Impact Loyalty Effect".

Download the report here -

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