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Virtual Marketing Anti-Conference | Virtual Marketing Event Anti-Webinar

Apr 19, 2021 12:15 PM
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#MarTechFest Dial Up

The internet edition of your fave anti-conference returns for a week of brand spankin’ new marketing technology content for you to tune in to live and on demand. With the power of the ~internet~ we’ll be coming to a computer near you with the world’s industry leaders when it comes to marketing and martech.

It’s fair to say the ‘virtual events’ space has copped a hammering since the virus-that-shall-not-be-named entered our lives and we’d bet our bottom dollar you’ve experienced a touch of ‘Zoom fatigue’. Yep we’ve all felt it in one way or another, so we figured we’d better take a learning or two from the last event. Here are just a few of the exiting new features:

  • Access over 30 Speakers across 5 days live and on demand. Fireside chats, open Q&As & inspiring presentations
  • Gain reward points: Used for access to future events, win swag and access extensions
  • Want to enhance your martech learning? The platform will host stacks of additional resources so you can fill your brain with the good stuff.
  • Time connect, chat and learn from the community directly - it's not just about epic speakers. Dedicated networking only slots for 1-1 video chats to share your knowledge and ask for advice.
  • Plus access career advice

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