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March 7, 2024

Instantaneously add the virtual try-on feature for eyewear eCommerce.

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Easy Theme integration and Installation
Superfast page loads
AI Content Generation
Photorealistic 3D rendering
Live virtual try-on
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99 $ / month
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Max 50 active products
10000 monthly VTO sessions
VIP Technical Integration + Support
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499 $ / month
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Max 500 active products
100000 monthly VTO sessions
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What is Jeeliz?

Jeeliz instantaneously adds a virtual try-on feature for eyewear eCommerce. A pioneering solution that enables online shoppers to virtually try on eyeglasses and sunglasses through their web browsers in real-time. By leveraging Jeeliz's technology, eCommerce platforms can integrate a seamless and immersive virtual try-on experience directly on their websites, allowing customers to visualize how different eyewear styles look on their faces before making a purchase.

This feature utilizes advanced computer vision and AI algorithms to accurately detect and track facial features, overlaying the selected eyewear models onto the user's face with precision. Customers can rotate their heads, see themselves from different angles, and assess how various frames complement their facial features without the need to physically try on multiple pairs.

Jeeliz's virtual try-on solution enhances the online shopping experience, reduces the guesswork involved in selecting eyewear, and increases customer confidence, ultimately driving higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction for eCommerce businesses.

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What makes Jeeliz different than competitors?

Jeeliz stands out with its instantaneously integrated virtual try-on feature for eyewear eCommerce due to its real-time capabilities, seamless web browser integration, and high accuracy. Unlike other similar eCommerce tools, Jeeliz provides a quick and precise virtual try-on experience without the need for app downloads or external plugins.

Its advanced computer vision and AI algorithms ensure accurate facial tracking and eyewear rendering, allowing customers to visualize how glasses look on their faces accurately. Jeeliz streamlines the online shopping process, boosts user engagement, and enhances customer confidence, setting it apart as a user-friendly, efficient, and effective tool in the eCommerce industry.

What metrics is Jeeliz going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

Jeeliz's virtual try-on feature can enhance key eCommerce metrics such as conversion rates, customer engagement, time spent on site, and customer satisfaction. By offering a personalized and interactive shopping experience, Jeeliz can boost sales, reduce returns, increase user retention, and ultimately drive revenue growth for eyewear eCommerce businesses.

Who has to manage Jeeliz and how long does it take to setup?

Team members such as developers, web designers, eCommerce managers, and marketing specialists would utilize Jeeliz to integrate the virtual try-on feature for eyewear eCommerce. Developers implement the technology, designers ensure the user interface is optimal, managers oversee the project, and marketers promote the feature.

Setting up Jeeliz for the virtual try-on feature in eyewear eCommerce can vary in complexity based on the existing infrastructure and customization requirements. For a basic integration, it may be a relatively small project requiring a few days to set up. However, for more advanced features and customizations, it could extend into a larger project spanning several weeks or months.

Is Jeeliz right for my store?

Jeeliz is ideal for businesses in the eyewear industry looking to enhance their online shopping experience by offering a virtual try-on feature for glasses. eCommerce platforms, opticians, and eyewear retailers can benefit from Jeeliz to boost sales, improve customer engagement, and reduce returns.

However, industries outside of eyewear, such as food, electronics, or furniture, may not find Jeeliz as suitable since the virtual try-on feature is tailored specifically for eyewear products and may not be applicable or beneficial for their offerings.

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