August 23, 2023

Instant capital advance and faster payouts for growing merchants

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Accelerated Daily Payouts
Capital Advances
Approval in 24 Hours
No Credit Checks

Advance Fees

0.5% - 1%/week
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What is Payability?

Payability provides instant access to your cash. Perfect for marketplace merchants like Amazon where you’ve sold the product but don’t get the money for another 14 days. You get paid the next day every day. You can be advanced around 80% of sales every single day and the remaining 20% stays in your account for any kind of returns or chargebacks. Then Payability collects the money directly from the marketplace. You change the bank account to point to a placeholder bank account that is joint Payability/you, then you get paid by Payability. The standard fee is 2%, but it goes down from there.

With their Instant Advance feature, you can also get an advance on future sales up to $250k, advancing 75% - 150% of your monthly sales. The weekly fee is .5% to 1% for a maximum of 20 weeks. This type of advance is often utilized for marketing/advertising or inventory purchases. If you pay it back early, you will save some fee costs. But, if it takes 30 weeks to pay back there are no additional fees.

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What makes Payability different than competitors?

With Payability, there are no origination fees, hidden fees or credit checks. Approval is based on your account health and sales performance.

They also offer a rebate when you pay back advances early, unlike other financial companies that hold you to the full financing costs regardless of when you pay the money back.

What metrics is Payability going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

Payability allows you to access capital quickly and use those funds for whatever you need to grow your business. Whether that means investing in sales and marketing, your customer service team or purchasing more products.

Who has to manage Payability and how long does it take to setup?

The application process takes around 10 minutes. Just fill out basic information about your business and connect all of the channels you sell on. There are no credit checks or obligations associated with applying. Once you’ve completed the application, one of their account executives will connect with you to finish the application process. Businesses can get approved and funded in just 24 hours.

Is Payability right for my store?

Great for high-growth merchants that need to stretch cash flow as far as possible.

Not great for stagnant merchants with healthy cash flow that don’t need to aggressively re-invest in growth.

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