February 9, 2024

Category and platform agnostic funding marketplace built specifically for eCommerce brands and retailers.

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Seller success program
Quick application process
Approval in 24 Hours
Up to $10 million in funding

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What is Yardline?

Yardline is a funding marketplace built for eCommerce brands and retailers. 

Yardline aggregated 30+ funding solutions accessible via one application. This saves merchants time and secures multiple funding options with the submission of a single application. 

Yardline Capital Marketplace makes the funding process more efficient and transparent by providing multiple capital offers with the submission of a single application. Once you submit an application, they work behind the scenes with dozens of partners to present you with multiple funding options. 

And they have a team available to walk you through the nuances of each offer (qualification dependent).

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What makes Yardline different than competitors?

By being the aggregator of funding offers, rather than an individual provider, Yardline can truly take your side and find you the best deal that fits your individual needs. You’ll get a consultative chat with their team to walk you through the process and ensure you’re making the right move.

Other competitors may be limited in their offerings and use either revenue, inventory, or other financing-based options that don’t necessarily work for you. Yardline will certainly have those options too, but also many others that might fit better.

What metrics is Yardline going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

Yardline’s primary metric is getting you cash flow, ASAP. How you apply that will vary how the cash flow benefits your business. If you put it to profitable ad spend, that will ramp up customer acquisition. If you put it to inventory, that will help you get more product out the door. If you put it to staff, that will get you more resources to get more stuff done.

Who has to manage Yardline and how long does it take to setup?

You’ll start with completing a funding application and creating an account. In the application you’ll link to your Amazon, Shopify or other store platform and connect via a secure link to your bank. Once your application is submitted you’ll receive an email and phone call from our Yardline team to talk you through some options. Funds can oftentimes be available within one day of applying. 

After that you set up your repayment terms and can choose to repay manually or auto-pay.

Is Yardline right for my store?

Yardline will be best for established eCommerce businesses and retailers looking to leverage cash flow for growth. Generally, the more revenue your store is generating, and the stronger financial position you are in, the more funding options you will have, and the more leverage you will be able to apply.

Most typically, Yardline customers are using the tool for financing inventory purchases or ramping up ad spend.

Yardline is not designed to help businesses with their startup costs, finding product-market fit, investing in your company, or bailing you out of a failing business.

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