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What is Wayflyer?

Wayflyer is a revenue-based financing platform for Ecommerce brands that helps you bring in capital to support marketing, inventory, or general cash flow. They import Google Analytics and Shopify data, process it, access your performance, and then give you a range of financing options based on your revenue.

They study your data to figure out two things: How fast you will grow if they don’t give you money, and how fast you will grow if they give you money. And if giving you money helps you grow faster, it is a clear win-win.

There is no personal guarantee required and it does not affect your credit score to get funding with Wayflyer.

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Wayflyer Features

Analytics Dashboard
Marketing Recommendations
Revenue Based Financing


Revenue Based

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Revenue Based Financing
Fast Access to Funds
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What makes Wayflyer different than competitors?

The cool thing about Wayflyer is the way you are repaying. If you do less sales, they take less money, this ensures that you are staying in a strong cash flow position. If you want to shut off advertising, that means they get repaid slower, and that’s fine because it is what is best for the business.

Conversely, if you do a big campaign and crush it in sales, you repay them faster, which is fine because you suddenly became cash rich.

Their north star metric is helping companies grow and they can track how they impact growth.

What metrics is Wayflyer going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

Cash flow. Wayflyer is designed specifically for increasing the growth rate of your company by leveraging stronger cash flow. They give you money, you put that money to work, you profit, they take a small fee.

Who has to manage Wayflyer and how long does it take to setup?

You will be able to set up your own account, linking to your Shopify domain, Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads. It only takes 5 minutes.

Offers are available the next day, and funds are available in your account the day after.

Is Wayflyer right for my store?

If cash flow is prohibiting your growth, or if you’re underspending in marketing when you know it's a proven channel, this is for you. You absolutely must be a high growth merchant with some sort of established track record to get the maximum benefit of Wayflyer.

Conversely, if you aren’t a fast-growing business and you're just looking for some money, it’s a little less of a fit.

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