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August 24, 2023

Attribution-Centric Analytics and Reporting

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What is Rockerbox?

Rockerbox centralizes and analyzes your marketing data - from analyzing the customer path to conversion, session to conversion, spend, and other data and insights in one place. Once you expand from only Facebook and Google, maybe you’ve got a 3rd party display network, direct mailers, SMS marketing, or even run a lot of TV ads, Rockerbox helps you understand the attribution coming from those channels so that you can improve where you spend your next dollar.

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What makes Rockerbox different than competitors?

The toughest thing about multi-channel marketing is knowing all the touch points of the customer journey and their impact on your Return on Investment / Return on Ad Spend. With Rockerbox, you can weight different channels and decide who ultimately gets the credit for a conversion. Whether you want to give credit to the first touchpoint, the last, or give equal weight to all, you decide what your attribution model will be. 

What metrics is Rockerbox going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

There are all sorts of key insights you can find with an analytics tool. The most important one is going to be improving where you spend your marketing dollars. Put in a different way, you should see a better Return on Ad Spend / Return on Investment.

Who has to manage Rockerbox and how long does it take to setup?

Fully setup in under 2 weeks. Things get more complicated based on the number of channels you have, if you are a subscription, if you need custom integrations, if you have a mobile app, etc. 

Once you’ve decided to go with Rockerbox, they will send you a form to fill out and you’ll begin with an onboarding call which helps you setup your marketing hierarchy, understand your use case needs, and allows them to better prepare you for success. You’ll then start plugging in the integrations, which is often just 1-click integrations with all the major providers. For more complex businesses or businesses that have antiquated systems, there could be custom coding, but honestly it doesn’t happen very often.

Is Rockerbox right for my store?

Their strongest clients are those doing over $1mm in ad spend annually or are about to expand to $1mm+.

Great for multichannel and omnichannel marketing teams and medium to large media buyers. Works really well for subscription brands, brands with retail locations, brands advertising on TV, podcasts, SMS, influencers, or other channels. Basically anyone that has expanded beyond Google and Facebook.

Rockerbox works with teams that are meeting regularly around key questions like “Which channels are converting the best?” And “How are my affiliates performing?” And their software answers those questions.

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