February 9, 2024

Optimize ad campaigns based on Profit, not revenue!



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Profit Optimization
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$49 per month
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Profit Optimization
Analytics Dashboard
Profit and Loss Reporting
Budget Control
KPI Insights
Unlimited users
Up to 350 sales per month


$175 per month
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Everything in Previous Plan
Up to 2000 sales per month


$399 per month
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Up to 6000 sales per month

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What is Reaktion?

Are you still optimizing your ad campaigns based on ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)? You should be optimizing based on profit!

Reaktion boosts eCommerce merchants' and agencies' profits through advanced server-side tracking of revenue and profits of all your orders as well as unifying all your Ecommerce and marketing metrics on a single platform.

The platform automatically sends first-party data, including revenue and profit information, with server-side event pushes to your ad platform pixels, resulting in more conversion events in your marketing channels and a solid foundation for scaling your marketing efforts.

Once setup on their platform, you will instantly get a full view of all of your ad channels, campaigns, and breakdowns of not just ROAS, but POAS (Profit on Ad Spend ratio), and Profit by campaign. This is absolutely huge for merchants looking to grow profits (hopefully all merchants) and keep cash flow positive while scaling their campaigns.

You can setup multiple different attribution models: first-click, last-click, and custom. You can setup the attribution model that works best for you and track revenue/profit, and attributed revenue/profit in their dashboard.

You can set targets and KPI goals and track budgets to ensure everything is on track.

Long story short, this tool is designed for serious eCommerce marketers and advertisers who care about profitability.

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What makes Reaktion different than competitors?

Reaktion’s tracking technology has one of the highest match/accuracy rate for event fires, as compared to many competing tools. 

Their biggest differentiator has to be that they not only track revenue, but can push profit data as pixel events to your Facebook (and other pixels) so that you can properly optimize campaigns for profit. This is especially helpful when you have shipping costs, return costs, and multiple purchases from customers, because you really focus in on optimizing for profit instead of revenue.

They do this by tapping into your COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) data by pulling in either your costs data, calculating the profit of each order by pulling in all appropriate costs (including return rates and costs), to create a highly accurate view of profits, then feeding that back into the ad platforms as event fires to better optimize your ad campaigns.

And they are constantly updating this data being pushed to your ad platforms by updating data after each repeat purchase, subscription renewal, return, etc.

What metrics is Reaktion going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

Reaktion can impact net profit, especially net profit by ad campaign, by as much as 35%. This improves cash flow, allows you to scale ad campaigns faster, and helps you and your team rest assured that you are in fact getting back more money than you are putting into your ad campaigns.

Additionally, they will track and adjust profitability over 10, 30, 60, and 90 days, and push that information to your pixels so that your targeting is that much more accurate and powerful.

Who has to manage Reaktion and how long does it take to setup?

Reaktion is built both for brands managing their own ad spend, as well as agencies managing multiple clients’ ad spends.

If you’re an in-house media buyer or performance marketer, you can easily install and setup their platform with a few clicks and connecting a few key integrations. Once they pull in all of your data you will suddenly have a full view of all of your ad metrics in one place, in near real-time (10-15 minute delay). And yes, assuming you’ve got your COGS data plugged in, this will show you a clear analysis on your profit by ad campaign, instead of ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

This is also perfect for agencies managing multiple ad accounts. Typically you will have your client pay for the tool, while you use it to better optimize performance of your campaigns, as well as incorporate many of the metrics from their platform (like POAS) into your reports. Their platform can handle all of your clients and is very likely to increase the success of your clients, thus helping them scale ad spend faster, and thus make you more money.

Is Reaktion right for my store?

Reaktion is good for brands doing as little as $5k a month in ad spend, but are going to be even stronger fits for brands doing $20k-$50k/month and up, or agencies managing multiple clients at the $5k/month+ point.

Reaktion is for profit-driven merchants who are running digital ad campaigns on 1 or more of the major platforms. 

At as low as $5k/month in ad spend you plug in this tool and have it show you your most profitable campaigns in about 30 minutes. This could be making hundreds more a month in profit, nearly instantly… At a starting cost of $49/month. You can imagine what the profit changes will be with $20k and $50k+ in ad spend as well.

If you have products with different return rates and profitability, and you’re running dozens of campaigns across multiple product categories, then a tool like Reaktion will be great for understanding profitability across your campaigns and ad accounts. On the flip side, if you have very obvious or clear profit margins, or perhaps maybe you are a one product store, then you don’t necessarily need a tool to calculate profitability by campaign, making Reaktion less relevant to you.

Retailers selling in-store aren’t going to need Reaktion unless they are advertising for Direct-To-Consumer / eCommerce sales. 

If you aren’t advertising at all, Reaktion isn’t going to be relevant to you.

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