August 24, 2023

Robust Order Management and Tracking Platform

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Shopify Plus


Email Notifications
Contracted Carriers
Paypal Integration
Smart Delivery Estimate
Create Upsells / Cross-sells
Automatic Carrier Mapping


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500 Shipments Incl.
Everything in Basic 100+
3-5x average ROI
Smart email notifications
Upsell products in emails
CSV export
OmniSend integration (Email,SMS,Push)
Klaviyo integration
Paypal integration (coming soon)
PushOwl integration (coming soon)
Customer support


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1500 Shipments Incl.
Everything in Growth 500 +
5-7x average ROI
Custom merchant's note
Smart Delivery Estimate
DFY email flows


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5000 Shipments Incl.
Everything in Growth 1500 +
10-15x average ROI
Lowest cost per shipment
Slack integration
Custom Reporting
Multilingual tracking page
DFY email flows

All about

What is Rush?

Rush is a robust Order Management and Tracking Platform for: 

  1. Your Ecommerce manager, marketing team, and customer service team for better tracking and automating the shipping and tracking process, and 
  2. For your customers to better track their packages and discover new products from your store.

Their merchants are seeing between 700% and 1300% ROI from their product discovery tool on their order tracking pages alone.

Their secret sauce really lies in how they are getting more details from shipping carriers, through a direct API, and then pushing that data into their tool or into your Klaviyo or Omnisend or other tool, so that you can create flows and triggers at various events. For example, one client created an email flow for when a product is stuck at customs, and found an extra $2,500 in revenue generated from that email alone, with over an 80% open rate and 45% click-through rate.

You can launch an order tracking page in seconds with one of their pre-defined templates, and you have direct access to the CSS to modify the template how you see fit, with a drag and drop builder coming out in the future. And, they have their own email tool for sending notifications with various shipping and tracking details.

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What makes Rush different than competitors?

Rush comes at order tracking quite a bit more advanced than other “order tracking page” tools, in that they integrate with your shipping carriers and your marketing tools to really help the consumer track their tool from order to door.

What metrics is Rush going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

Rush saves time for your operations team with better order management and shipment tracking on the backend, but more importantly they increase conversion rate and lifetime value with better discovery and merchandising of your products at a crucial stage of the buyer's journey: That moment after they’ve purchased, but before they’ve received their product.

Who has to manage Rush and how long does it take to setup?

Rush is typically going to be set up by your head of Ecommerce or marketing manager. The operations team may also join in the process. You need to connect carriers, Shopify, and Klaviyo if you’re using them, design your page, which can be done with a pre-built template or a developer depending on how fancy you want to get, and then launch.

After launch, your operations team may spend an hour a week, maybe even a few minutes every day, using Rush’s reporting platform to understand products in transit and if there are any issues, and you can set this up to automatically push notices to your customers, or to alert your customer service team of a possible proactive customer service email to send.

Is Rush right for my store?

Rush is great for merchants of any size, but will be more valuable for merchants with a larger SKU count, at least over 20 products let’s say. The more orders you do a month, the more valuable Rush will be for you.

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