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May 22, 2024

Real Human Conversations Triggered by Important Events and Customer Behaviors

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What is Shop Phone?

Shop Phone tracks and notifies you of key events that will help you, or a team member, keep in touch with customers and prospective customers through a direct phone call, SMS, WhatsApp, Email, or FaceTime.

While there are great abandoned cart email automations, and SMS automations, they don’t bring the real human connection into the business. Shop Phone brings the manual, person-to-person relationship back to your eCommerce store. 

For that reason, they focus on alerting merchants about key opportunities, opportunities worth a real conversation, such as when someone abandons a $500 cart. Or maybe they’ve just placed a massive order and you want to reach out to thank them.

The most common workflow is sending out a text to chat with the customer, following up with perhaps an email, or maybe you will do a FaceTime with them to show them around your showroom, or the like.

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What makes Shop Phone different than competitors?

Most other tools are seeking to automate your marketing efforts, which is good and very important. But if you’re looking to build deeper relationships, which generate real revenue by making it easy for you to have real conversations (yes on the phone) with real people, then Shop Phone may be best for you.

And to be clear, this isn’t a “traditional” customer service phone service where people are calling in and have key questions or problems. This is about proactively reaching out to customers and prospective customers to engage them and get them to convert, or get them to be overly satisfied with their purchase so that they are more likely to tell a friend.

What metrics is Shop Phone going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

Shop Phone is going to increase your conversion rate, average order value, lifetime value, and referral rate. All the good metrics go up because you’re having a real conversation with a real person who is really close to purchasing from you, but maybe has some qualms about pulling the trigger.

Who has to manage Shop Phone and how long does it take to setup?

Getting setup only takes a few minutes to install the app, select your preferences, and start using the app regularly. You may spend a day or two training the team on how to best use the app. And truthfully, you may want to spend a long period of time training or hiring the right fit agents to man this tool - as it's not as basic as customer service… It requires more of a sales touch, and really just someone that can be a customer experience expert.

The person in charge of running this tool will want to log in daily, check the opportunities, and reach out to them. It could be a full-time job for a sales or customer experience rep, if you have enough volume, or for smaller stores, the CEO can do this manually as part of their daily responsibilities.

Is Shop Phone right for my store?

This is a tool for high Lifetime Value (LTV) or high Average Order Value (AOV) merchants. And especially for those merchants who are really trying to build a deep connection with their customers from the beginning of the relationship.

This is also a tool that requires a bit of human time to get value out of, whether it is 1 hour a day, or 8, the more you use it, the more value you will get. And of course, the more actions on your site - abandoned cart, purchases, etc - the more actions you will have to follow up on, and therefore the more time you will want to dedicate to using this tool.

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