May 17, 2024

Dynamic Discounting to Upsell and Cross-Sells Your Customers

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Add-to-Cart Push Notification
Automatic Smart Discounts
Personalized Promo Codes
Custom branding
Analytics Dashboard
Unlimited customer profiles


2.5% commission fee on each sale
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Add-to-Cart Push Notification
Automatic Smart Discounts
Personalized Promo Codes
Custom branding
Analytics Dashboard
Unlimited customer profiles

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What is Veeper?

Veeper is using machine learning and a unique discounting strategy to help you find the right discounting amounts for your products, as well as create bundles and upsell customers, getting more products in the cart and increasing Average Order Value (AOV).

Basically, they will take over and run all discounts and promos for your store on autopilot.

As they say, “Why offer a universal ‘SUMMERSALE’ 40% promo code when the customer would still purchase with a 13% discount?”

Do merchants turn off all of their discounts when using Veeper?

The idea is that you should, because you are almost certainly overspending on discounts right now, but it is OK to keep on some sort of generic discounting strategy.

Should I turn off my 20% off your first purchase email collection popup and how will that affect my store and sales?

Look, Veeper understands the users discount thresholds better than your generic 20%, so while keeping this on may get you more emails, it won’t maximize the conversion or average order value of that user.

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What makes Veeper different than competitors?

There are all sorts of bundling and upsell tools out there, but Veeper is uniquely positioned, through how they’ve applied machine learning inside their tool, to intelligently create the right discounts and offers for their merchants. This makes them a truly standout option for any brand who frequently puts on discounts, promotions, or frequently offers discounts when buying in a bundle-type situation.

What metrics is Veeper going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

Veeper is encouraging users to add more products to cart by showing them how much more money they will save when they add to cart, thus their best KPI to judge them by is your increase in Average Order Value (AOV), which you can track in their platform.

Who has to manage Veeper and how long does it take to setup?

Typically, the person running Veeper will be the head of Ecommerce, marketing manager, or whomever is in charge of the website experience.

It takes exactly 7 clicks to get setup and running with Veeper. 

Before they can work for you, your Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) needs to be input properly into your Shopify, as that is where they are tracking profit margins and calculating how to encourage discounts while ensuring you stay profitable.

Once installed, you can make some customizations on products you’d like to exclude from discounts, branding, and a couple of other minor details. For example, you can increase discounts on certain products when you want to clear inventory.

But largely you are using this tool for it’s “autopilot” type functionality and should only come in to monitor success and make minor tweaks every once in a while. You should seriously be done with setup within 10 minutes.

Is Veeper right for my store?

Veeper can work for stores of any size, but they do better working for stores with more data, more SKUs, and more revenue. This is because these stores will benefit even more from the machine learning algorithm, the ability to upsell/cross-sell more products will be higher, and the savings from your generic discounting strategy will have a larger impact on the business.

If your store doesn’t run discounts, is a low SKU or 1 SKU store, or you will not be able to input your COGS directly into Shopify, you probably shouldn’t use Veeper.

One other thing worth noting is that Veeper does occupy screen space for your user. Often it pops up in the bottom right hand corner, so make sure you don’t have another pop-up there, or you will have to adjust the setup accordingly.

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