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The Best Personalization Apps for Ecommerce

Cater the message, and the products, to the customer, and win.

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What is a personalization app?

Personalization is the next step after segmentation - diving your audience into groups and catering messages to those group. For example, men and women might receive different messages. Personalization takes this to the next level by catering to a users unique profile, typically a mix of their behaviorial data, on-site data, demographic data, and possibly even psychographic data. By taking the user into account, you can have an algorithm display the product or text most likely to convert.


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What is Netcore?

Netcore is a customer engagement and experience platform that creates personalized digital experiences to fuel omni-channel growth.

What is Fast Simon?

Fast Simon is a robust personalization and search platform for high-volume, high-SKU merchants that helps increase conversions and average order values.

What is SALESmanago?

SALESmanago is a Customer Data Platform that simplifies your tech stack while adding power to your analytics and marketing automation.

What is LimeSpot?

LimeSpot is a suite of personalization products that increase conversion rate and average order value and allow you to do AI merchandising at scale.

What is Syte?

Syte is a visual search, discovery and personalization platform that can increase conversion rates by an average of 177%.

What is Veeper?

Veeper uses machine learning to find the perfect dynamic discounts, upsells and cross-sells for your customers, saving you money while still increasing AOV.

What is Apteo - No Longer Active?

Apteo is a predictive personalization tool that helps you understand who of your customers is most likely to buy, churn, etc. to send them targeted campaigns.

What is EyeFitU?

EyeFitU helps apparel retailers increase online conversions, reduce returns and optimize production with the power of AI and data using "size-as-a-service".

What is Poloriz?

Poloriz brings the "Instagram look and feel" to the forefront of your store, increasing conversions through product discoverability and visual storytelling.

What is Skafos?

Skafos is an interactive product discovery and personalization platform offering thumbs up/thumbs down feedback buttons for high visual discovery merchants.

What is Doofinder?

Doofinder is a plug and play on-site search engine that offers major improvements over your out of the box (Shopify or other platform) search functionality.

What is ShopAgain?

ShopAgain takes omnichannel marketing automation on auto-pilot to a new level by personalizing a variety of experiences specifically by user behavior.

What is Dialogue?

Dialogue is a self-serve personalization platform for Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants with 4 different personalization assets.

What is Pulley?

Pulley is an AI-powered marketing intelligence tool, supercharging your segmented marketing strategy to increase conversions, lifetime value, repeat purchases..

What is Talkoot?

Talkoot is the Product Information Management (PIM) tool that turns your product information into a story that your consumers will relate to and buy.

What is Advanced Commerce?

Advanced Commerce is a search and personalization merchandising platform that helps merchants better showcase and sell products.

What is Suggestr?

Suggestr is a visual AI and personalization tool that increases AOV and overall revenue through extremely accurate and well-judged product recommendations.

What is nativeMsg?

nativeMsg offers a fresh take on conversational commerce and ads through interactive "choose your adventure" experiences that boost ROAS and conversion rates.

What is CommentSold?

CommentSold is a complete end-to-end Ecommerce platform centered around the Live Shopping experience.

What is slippy?

Print personalised marketing inserts to include in orders.

What is Amped?

Maximizing Email and SMS Opt-in Rates with Templates and Testing

What is Prodport?

Increase product page conversions in minutes with their "Adaptive Product Information" tool.

What is Penny Black?

Turn packaging into a smart marketing channel through on-brand, hyper-personalised inserts added to each customers' order during the fulfilment process.

What is XGen AI?

An artificial intelligence platform that optimizes the end-to-end process with instant adjustments to each user’s experience at the right time.

What is Namogoo?

Guiding decisions across the entire customer journey with intent-based promotions, personalized email and SMS, and more...

What is Adoric?

Improve your conversion rates with smart, easy-to-publish popups.

What is Nosto?

AI-driven personalization, product recommendations, upsells, and more.

What is Convertedin?

A marketing operating system that prospect, convert and retain customers.

What is Argoid?

AI-powered upsell, cross-sell, product discovery, and smart search.

What is Tolstoy?

Tolstoy's is a digital tool designed to enhance customer engagement and drive sales.

What is RetainIQ?

Hyper-personalized email and SMS marketing templates to push to your Klaviyo or use standalone.

What is Luigi's Box?

AI‑Powered Site Search and Product Discovery for E‑Commerce

What is Storyly?

A user engagement platform to embed Stories in mobile apps and websites

What is Nostra?

Optimize your Conversion Rate with AI and Speed

What is SpeedyBrand?

What is Optimonk?

It offers a range of features designed to

What is ConvertWise?

ConvertWise is a powerful online platform that empowers brand owners and marketers to take full control of their websites and personalize them.

What is is an innovative platform that revolutionizes the future of eCommerce sales by leveraging the power of GPT and AI.

What is Behamics?

Behamics is a website that provides insights into user behavior through A/B testing and experimentation.

What is Clickout SL?

Clickout SL is a company that provides advanced survey solutions utilizing AI-powered analytics.

What is RevLifter?, a performance marketing platform that offers personalized deals and incentives for eCommerce businesses.

What is Wisepops?

Wisepops is a powerful marketing tool designed to create and deploy engaging popups on websites.

What is AiTrillion?

AiTrillion is an all-in-one marketing platform to grow eCommerce stores, customer engagement and sales.

What is Rebuy?

Rebuy is a personalization engine that increases repeat purchases and average order value.

What is Enalito?

Enalito is a product recommendation engine and analytics tool that allows you to create highly segmented and personalized campaigns

What is Shop Quiz by OctaneAI?

OctaneAI, which started as a Messenger platform, and recently launched an SMS marketing platform, has now expanded into Shoppable quizzes.

What is FenixCommerce?

FenixCommerce utilizes customer location and data to select the best shipping options and provide predicted delivery dates right at checkout.

What is Datacue?

DataCue created a recommendation engine that personalizes your website for all of your customers based on the actions they’ve taken on your site.

What is EKOM by Writerly AI? is an online platform designed to enhance the writing experience and improve the quality of written content.

What is Particl?

Real-time product sales and pricing data. Particl AI tracks sales, inventory, pricing, assortment, and sentiment across all of eCommerce.

What is SuperStore Systems?

Easily bring in 3rd-party products and services to your B2C and B2B eCommerce store.

What is Tidio?

All-in-one customer experience solution with live chat, AI chatbots, and multichannel communication

What is Moast? is a solution that eCommerce brands can use to connect their prospective customers with existing customers for real life demos.

What is Decile?

Customer data platform that provides strategic insights that help you act on your analytics to actually grow your store.

What is

Fera is all about helping merchants gather and display customer reviews and user generated content to actually have an effect on sales.

What is Omnisend?

Omnichannel Marketing Automation Built for Ecommerce

Why use Personalization apps?

Personalization apps are for bringing the user closer to their desired outcome, in an automated way. They increase conversion rate and average order value.

When should you be investing in Personalization apps?

Personalization tools work best as your store scales - the more customers and data you have, the more effective many of these tools become. They also work better when you have a large SKU count, typically because the product recommendation engine becomes very valuable at this point.

Who is managing these Personalization apps?

Personalization tools should be managed by your marketing team in conjunction with either a head of Ecommerce or merchandiser - because this person may need to feed specific rules to the app for guiding user behavior to let's say, products about to go out of stock, or thelike.

What are the most important Personalization features?

You want a tool that loads quickly, typically they load asynchronously so they don't affect SEO, but the quicker it displays the information, the better, and this is now just par for the course. You want to know how many data points it is tracking on users and the "robustness"of the companies "AI." You want to know where the personalization can take place - on-site, in emails, texts, etc. And you want to be able to track and prove an ROI from the tool - typically by split testing and seeing increase in conversion rate and average order value.