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PushOwl Web Push Notification Opt In Example
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Product Overview

Updated: 4/25/19

PushOwl is a web push notification app that adds a new marketing channel to your acquisition, retargeting, and loyalty strategies.

When opting in, the user does not have to give an email address or any identifiable information to you, it’s a one click opt-in.

Once opted in, you can trigger abandoned cart notifications. If the user purchases, you can send over order information via web push. Through an integration, you can trigger product review requests. And then, of course, you can send out sales blasts, blog posts, and other updates through the web push notification, similar to your email campaigns.

Who is this for?

Great for stores of any size. Recommended for all stores for at least the Out of Stock opt-in. Especially helpful in (sensitive) industries where Facebook and Google retargeting may not be allowed.

Who is this not for?

PushOwl is specifically designed for Shopify stores, right now. If you don't sell physical product on your store, this may be less ideal. If you are more of a "side hustle" kind of business, consider a free alternative.

The Secret Sauce:

The ability to do out of inventory opt-ins, which almost makes you want to go out of stock on purpose, is crucial to increasing opt-in rates.

The on-screen overlay is another great trick to getting opt-ins where many others cannot.

Pushowl has segmentation capabilities based on all of the data available in Shopify, location, Purchase behavior, and a few other things.


Web Push Notifications



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  • Monthly
Basic Business Enterprise




500 Impressions ($0 CPM)

10,000 Impressions ($1.9 CPM)

Subscriber segmentation

Unlimited Subscribers

Abandon Cart Reminders

Custom Opt-In Triggers

Top Integrations

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PushOwl Alternatives

How Will This Work With My Store?

What metrics will this help me improve?

The most important metric to impact is first purchase conversion rate. This is typically done by retargeting push notifications.

By having a user opted in to web pushes, they will also receive update messages and future sales promos.

PushOwl should also help with:

  • Repeat purchases
  • Success of sales campaigns
  • Abandon product situations where the product is out of stock.
  • Product reviews.

What makes PushOwl different than competitors?

PushOwl is the market leader for Shopify push notifications. While other platforms have more advanced AI/Machine learning capabilities, they were not built for Shopify, and many were not built with Ecommerce in mind at all. Many other solutions are either free and naturally have limited functionality, or enterprise and cost a lot. PushOwl is a bit more flexible, tackling starting stores up to enterprise. Their growing fast and maintaining market leadership in the Shopify app space.

How long will it take to setup PushOwl?

It should take less than an hour to get setup and moving, and you should check back in monthly, or as often as you have new sales campaigns, new products, or new content to promote.

When should I use PushOwl?

Web push is a serious conversion booster. Any new and growing store that can dedicate a small amount of time and resources to set up the abandon cart and out of stock notifiers at a bare minimum should use PushOwl.

This is especially great for stores that face advertising limitations from Facebook and Google. Vape shops, certain health products, adult products, etc.

When should you not use it?

PushOwl is designed specifically for Shopify stores right now. If you’re on another Ecommerce platform, or not Ecommerce at all, it may not be as ideal. If you’re a small, new store, or side hustle kind of store, and have no budget, consider the free competitor, but when you need more robust functionality you will have to switch over, and you will lose your entire list when that happens.

Who will use and manage PushOwl?

While having one dedicated marketer to managing PushOwl alongside your other channel marketing activities is most ideal, you can absolutely do it yourself as a solo founder or the main marketer in your company. You can either do the one-time setup and forget it, or you can check back regularly for scheduling sales (and other) promotions.

What complimentary tools might I use with PushOwl?

You should use PushOwl in conjunction of a review tool like, Loox, or Stamped. This will increase product reviews.

Push notifications are one part of your overall marketing strategy. Other great channels are Messenger marketing, Email marketing, and SMS marketing.