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Distil AI

October 25, 2023

Distil is the AI-led Customer Data platform for every business, large or small.

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What is Distil AI?

Distil helps transform data from an expensive, time-consuming challenge into a powerful goal-achieving asset. 

The AI-led Customer Data platform is for every business, large or small. At its heart is the Single Customer View, the place where customer data finally starts to make sense. Users connect and combine data from multiple sources in one place. And with the help of the AI, segment and organise it. 

The platform’s analytics capabilities help users surface answers to the really big questions, like “am I attracting high-value customers with our marketing?” No more ad-hoc crunching of the numbers or pulling data sets from multiple platforms. With analytics that automatically compile and present the data - users have the answers at their fingertips.

Distil brings data together, revealing how, when and why your customers really spend and then connect with your existing channels to help you reach them more effectively.

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What makes Distil AI different than competitors?

Distil is different from other platforms that may only handle customer segmentation, or just offer analytics dashboards. Distil is your data team in a box. In every part of the business where there’s data, Distil can help. 

  1. Unification - bring data sources together from any and all sources. Via native integrations with platforms like Dotdigital and Klaviyo or via a data warehouse, data sets from all sources can be unified in Distil giving users the most complete picture of their customers possible. 
  1. Segmentation - using the powerful AI, customer data is segmented automatically, allowing users to instantly see segments such as high value, long standing and at risk customers. No additional setup needed, this is part of Distil’s Customer Data Platform. 
  1. Analytics - surface the data that answers the key business questions. Questions such as “where are my products selling?” and “which marketing channels deliver the customers with the highest lifetime?”. It’s all in the data and Distil analytics surfaces the metrics that matter most. 
  1. Mobilisation - Distil facilitates data portability with ease. If users have a platform they need to get data out of that doesn’t have a native connection with the destination, Distil can help. Distil works as a connector between data sources to combine, enrich and distribute data automatically, removing the manual upload or downloading of data. 

Distil’s data experts have done the hard work and the difficult thinking to make this easy for business owners who may not have much experience in managing or analysing data.

What metrics is Distil AI going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

Distil helps users focus on those key bottom line metrics such as revenue, order value, average order value and conversion. With dashboards customised specifically for ecommerce store owners and managers, users can finally focus on the metrics that matter.

Users can drill down in the revenue performance of different customer cohorts, review sales from high value vs low value segments and investigate the touchpoints involved in every single sale. Marketing attribution is solved with a transparent 30-day linear model, or custom options are available. 

Users who want to focus on optimising revenue and sales will benefit greatly from using Distil. 

Who has to manage Distil AI and how long does it take to setup?

Distil is designed to handle any level of complexity when creating a data-led business environment. 

For CMOs, marketing managers and business owners - integrate your data from lots of the top platforms, including Shopify, Klaviyo, Dotdigital etc with just a few steps. Create your own single customer view and get meaningful analytics at your fingertips. 

For data analysts and CTOs - leverage the data warehouse and import options to combine and enrich data that can be used to power reporting and insight in any department within the business.

Is Distil AI right for my store?

Distil is ideal for businesses that have large volumes of data - customers, transactions, sales. For multichannel retailers, ecommerce stores, marketplaces that have data in multiple places, it’s especially powerful. 

However, Distil AI may not be suitable for businesses and stores in the early startup stage or with a limited volume of data. 

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