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May 22, 2024

Expert eCommerce Customer Service outsourcing that cares about conversion rate and retention.



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Multi Language Support
Recruiting and HR
Agent Training
Customer Service Technology Audit and Refinement
Social Media Customer Service
24/7 Live Chat Support
Email Support
Manual Inventory Churn Reduction


$2,200/ month / agent
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What is LTVplus?

LTVplus provides a completely remote, dedicated team, to support your customer service efforts 24/7/365. They focus specifically on improving conversations by trying to understand why customers are having inquiries, how to mitigate tickets, and what the best response to increase the chances of conversion, retention, and the highest possible satisfaction are.

LTVplus takes their focus on conversion rate very seriously and works specifically to build out systems for proactive customer service, by calling, texting, or emailing customers who may be having an issue or didn’t convert. They also have a great focus on involuntary churn reduction, calling customers to get their new credit card info and keep their subscription going before it expires.

They cover social media comment moderation and responses, including sending direct messages with discounts and sending the customer directly to the product detail page, adding a product to cart, or even to the checkout page (with the product automatically added to cart). They always target below 30 seconds as their response time via chat and 1 hour via email.

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What makes LTVplus different than competitors?

Most customer service outsourcing is not focused on eCommerce, or on using customer service as a revenue generator. By really focusing on understanding why the customers are happy and why they are leaving, LTVplus helps to build a conversational roadmap that mitigates churn and keeps more customers happy.

They’ve also built out their own technology for coaching and quality checking all of their agents, which empowers them to be the best, gain experience, and grow individually, directly contributing to their end results with their clients. And they will help you recruit, hire, and train your internal customer service agents, allowing you to achieve the same results. 

Another big plus is that they have multi-language support including German, Dutch, Italian, French, and Spanish, and they are breaking into Asian markets.

What metrics is LTVplus going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

They focus their efforts on improving conversion rate and retention, which ultimately increases your Lifetime Value (LTV).

I especially love their focus on recovering failed payments, which they claim to be able to recover 50% of.

Who has to manage LTVplus and how long does it take to setup?

Customer service almost always falls under operations, so your head of operations, COO, or the CEO themself are going to make the decision on hiring LTVplus to scale their customer service efforts.

You’ll start with a free consulting call which is their way of vetting you to make sure you are a good fit for them. Typically you’re able to walk away from this consultation with a bit of standalone value.

Setup usually takes 2-4 weeks. It goes faster if you’re able to get fully prepped with a simple product in the first week, but with larger accounts, you may need a more selective recruitment process (remember, they are finding and bringing in dedicated agents for your account). They keep a pool of agents ready to recruit and train - past agents, agents that are coming back onto the job market after taking leave, newly trained agents, etc.

When you close with them, you pay for the first month up front, but the first month start date doesn’t start until you go live. Meaning, if you decide to go ahead with them on Dec 15th, you pay for the first month then, but you may not go live until Jan 1, which means you will pay for the second month starting Feb 1. 

They have a 3 month minimum trial period and a Customer Success Manager works as the point of contact, helping to optimize existing processes and integrate the outsourced team with the in-house team. They’re focused on a tech-first approach that helps scale out the agents' time before simply, say, piling on a ton of agents into a sub-optimal customer service system.

Is LTVplus right for my store?

The real benefit of working with any outsourced customer service team is your ability to tap into their skills and their economies of scale. LTVplus has extremely robust training, quality assurance, customer success, and years of experience working within small and large operations departments, which means when you go with them, you’re getting experts, and leadership, in customer service.

That being said, LTVplus works best for eCommerce merchants and brands doing 150,000+ site visitors/month or 2,000 - 3,000 conversations/month.

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