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The Best Ecommerce Apps for Outsourcing Customer Service

Customer service outsourcing helps your Ecommerce business meet expectations, as demand continues to grow.

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What is Customer Service Outsourcing within Ecommerce?

Customer Service Outsourcing  is when a trusted third party manages your customer service process, acting on your brand’s behalf to answer queries, resolve issues and improve key metrics such as response time and inventory churn.

Customer Service Outsourcing

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What is MyAlice?

Conversational and social customer support – anywhere that your customers are. Monitoring all of your channels and responding with ease.

What is LTVplus?

Expert eCommerce Customer Service outsourcing that cares about conversion rate and retention.

What is Order Editing?

A tool designed to empower merchants with the ability to make modifications to their customers' orders post-purchase.

What is Redo?

A return management platform that aims at improving the returns process by focusing on boosting sales and cultivating customer loyalty

What is Genie?

A cutting-edge tool designed to streamline inventory analysis, planning, and ordering processes for online merchants

What is Macaroni?

Macaroni is an end-to-end SEO platform designed specifically for Shopify users.

What is Tidio?

All-in-one customer experience solution with live chat, AI chatbots, and multichannel communication

What is Moast?

A solution that eCommerce brands can use to connect their prospective customers with existing customers for real life demos

What is Decile?

Customer data platform that provides strategic insights that help you act on your analytics to actually grow your store.

What is

All about helping merchants gather and display customer reviews and user-generated content to actually have an effect on sales

What is Omnisend?

Omnichannel Marketing Automation Built for eCommerce

Why use Customer Service Outsourcing apps?

Positive customer experience interactions are key in acquisition and retention strategies. Reaching out for support or additional information suggests a strong purchase motivation. By outsourcing your customer service, you allocate a highly specialized and dedicated resource to this valuable area of your business operations. At the same time, you win back time for your existing team to be reallocated more effectively.

When should you be investing in Customer Service Outsourcing apps?

If your brand is growing rapidly (and you simply don’t have the time to market and recruit for the additional customer service staff you’d require), or if you’re looking to grow your cross-border ecommerce offering and expect to need multi-language support, then customer service outsourcing represents a clear opportunity.

Who is managing these Customer Service Outsourcing apps?

The process of outsourcing your customer service will be spearheaded by your Customer Support Manager. However, having a third party act as the public face of your brand is a big step. As a result, your Head of Operations, COO or even CEO are likely to be a part of a decision.

What are the most important Customer Service Outsourcing features?

When selecting a vendor to handle your customer service, you’ll need to be assured of their experience and expertise. A robust training process and internal quality checking of their agents should be an integral part of their operations. 

Consider the aspects of support which are most important to your business such as multi-language support, or upselling and cross selling as part of the support process. Decide on your success metrics in advance (such as conversion rates linked to a support interaction) to help you find the best fit for your business.

Finally, ask what this service can deliver in terms of additional insight. What measures do they have in place to help you learn from your customer support interactions? Feedback you receive from the customer service team (whether internal or external)  helps to direct your product development, conversion and customer approval ratings, so you’ll want to make sure this valuable data can be captured, delivered, and acted upon.

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