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Here's the deal, downloading an E-book doesn't make your store grow...

Executing on new information successfully helps your store grow.

You need to focus your efforts on the key problems that are facing your business today.

So, what are they? You should know better than me.

A lot of companies struggle with acquisition early on, customer service and operations as they begin to grow, margin and hiring as they really get moving, and omni-channel and retail as they mature.

Think about the stage of your business and what things you can do this month to improve the company in a meaningful way, then only download and study around that topic.

Execute on your learnings, and analyze the results.

Then, next month, choose a new topic.

It's tempting to want to do 3, 5, or 10 things at once, but I promise you, focusing on one problem area at a time will help you truly impact your business.

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Featured Partner

You're growing your store and you need to acquire more customers.

Use Octane AI's Messenger Marketing Tool for acquisition, increasing conversion rate, and retaining customers.

My favorite features are:

  • The abandon cart messages that show the user the products actually in their cart.
  • The easy integration into your store and pop-up builder so you can get setup and collecting Messenger subscribers in under 1 hour.
  • The comment response tool that can turn all of your engaged fans into subscribed users.
  • The detailed segmentation and automation that will drive users to become paying customers.

All Current Ecommerce Tech and Marketing E-Books and Downloads


LoyaltyLion - The LoyaltyLion Hall of Fame

This free Ebook covers 12 award categories that are vital to delivering a truly best-in-class loyalty program. The categories range from branding and promotion through to the best use of program features; such as tiers, reviews and referrals.


  • Why each award is important
  • Celebrate the pioneers leading their categories
  • Show you how you can replicate their success

LoyaltyLion - Knowing When It's Time to Invest in Customer Loyalty

This free eBook is designed to help you know when it's the right time to invest in customer loyalty and dispel some of the misconceptions around the cost and complexity of setting up a loyalty strategy.


Grab this eBook to find out:

  • Why you should invest in customer loyalty
  • The myths and misconceptions about customer loyalty
  • Whether it's time to think about investing in customer loyalty.

LoyaltyLion - Customer Loyalty: Stress-Free Guide To Getting Started

Research shows that 75% of companies see a return on investment (ROI) from their loyalty program. Only 6% do not, and the rest are failing to track ROI. Learn how to build an attractive loyalty proposition for your store with this stress-free guide to getting started.


In this eBook we'll walk you through:

  • Building a business case for loyalty
  • The top five decisions you need to make before launching
  • How to measure success

LoyaltyLion - The Quick Guide To Customer Retention

Did you know increasing customer retention by just 2% can have the same impact as reducing costs by 10%? Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with competition growing by 13% each year. Barriers to entry have never been lower while acquisition challenges have never been greater.

Grab a copy of our quick guide to customer retention to find out:

  • What you need to know about your existing customers
  • Why successful retailers are focusing on reducing customer churn
  • Three key tactics for improving customer retention

LoyaltyLion - Loyalty Programs For Shopify Plus

The collaboration between two official Shopify Plus Partners brings you all the information you need to create a customer loyalty program that scales with your Shopify Plus store.

Learn about:

  • Putting data at the heart of your loyalty program
  • Inserting your loyalty program across the customer journey
  • Making your loyalty program aspirational.
  • Creating an omnichannel loyalty program
  • Using your loyalty program to build a community
  • Automating your loyalty program
  • Designing your loyalty program

LoyaltyLion - 2020 Trends

How do you remember 2019? Whatever the past 12 months represent for you personally, they also tell an interesting story when it comes to Ecommerce. Without question, 2019 was a year of contradictions in the world of retail.


Grab this eBook to find out:


  • Ecommerce trends for year 2020.
  • 12 ways to grow your Ecommerce store brought to you by 12 experts.

LoyaltyLion - The End to End Guide to Loyalty Programs for Shopify Stores

In the world of Ecommerce, the barriers to entry have never been lower and thousands of Shopify stores launch daily. Investing in your existing customers is a good place for any Shopify store to start. They already know and trust your brand and will return to you rather than risk a lackluster customer experience else


Grab this eBook to learn about:


  • Making Loyalty Program Aspirational
  • Designing Your Loyalty program
  • Building Community Advocates
  • Making Your Program Omnichannel, and many more!

LoyaltyLion - Essential Guide to Loyalty Programs for Magento Store

This essential guide will give you all the information you need to set up, maintain and elevate a loyalty program alongside your Magento store. We’ll cover retention strategies you may not have thought about yet, and key features you can use to set your store apart.

Setting up a loyalty program alongside your Magento store is a sure way to make these valuable customers feel special:


  • 81% of customers agree that a loyalty program makes them more likely to do business with a brand.
  • Customers who join a loyalty program are 47% more likely to return to make a second purchase.
  • Customers who redeem points from a loyalty program spend two and a half times more than customers who don’t use a reward.

LoyaltyLion - Essential Guide to Loyalty Programs for BigCommerce Stores

Setting up a loyalty program alongside your BigCommerce store is a sure way to make valuable customers feel special. Not only do customers respond well to loyalty programs, but their customer lifetime value and repeat purchase rates increase with one.

This essential guide will give you all the information you need to set up, maintain and elevate a loyalty program alongside your BigCommerce store.

What's inside the ebook?

  • Giving your customers something to aspire to
  • The design of your loyalty program
  • Building community advocates
  • Inserting your loyalty across customer journey
  • Monitoring and optimizing your loyalty program

LoyaltyLion - The End to End Guide to Loyalty for Health and Wellness Brands

The health and wellness industry is full of competitive brands. With so many new health and wellness crazes launching daily, it can be difficult to keep customers motivated and loyal towards your brand. This is why it’s so important to nurture relationships with your existing customers to keep them interested in what you have to offer.

What's inside the ebook?

  • What are the challenges for health and wellness Ecommerce?
  • Five Loyalty Strategies
  • The answer to securing loyalty in the health and wellness space?

LoyaltyLion - The Essential Guide to Loyalty for Fashion and Apparel Brands

With an estimated worth of $3 trillion – that’s 2% of the world’s GDP – it’s fair to say that the fashion industry is thriving. It doesn’t seem like the growth of the fashion industry will slow down any time soon. And, it’s not just fashioned at large that’s booming, but the world of Ecommerce too.

Grab this ebook to learn:

  • What does the fashion industry landscape look like?
  • How can you stand out and shine on the competition?
  • Five Steps to Ecommerce Success in the Fashion Industry
  • The Answer to Securing Loyalty in the Fashion Industry

LoyaltyLion - The Ultimate Guide to Loyalty for Beauty and Cosmetics Brands

The beauty market is taking off. The global cosmetic products market was valued at around $532 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach approximately $863 billion in 2024. Meanwhile, the overall beauty products industry is expected to continue growing rapidly, at a rate of 6.4% per year. It’s a thriving, competitive market where newer brands are going head-to-head with legacy brands.

What's in the ebook?

  • Tips on making your beauty and cosmetics store stand out.
  • Five loyalty strategies to find success in
    the beauty and cosmetics industry

Customer Service

The State of Ecommerce Customer Service Industry Report for 2019

Gain essential insights into:

  • The top 3 support channels to add in 2019.
  • The pros and cons of having on-site chat.
  • The cost of a support ticket and industry standards.
  • Support automation techniques and how to improve customer experience.

The Workforce Pro - Creating Customer Experiences

Get to know the things you need when building your Customer Service Department and customer experiences.


Grab this ebook to find out:

  • “The What”: Components of world class Customer Experience Team
  • “The How” Best in Class Customer Experience Teams
  • “The Cost” Building Best in Class Customer Experience Teams
  • “The Solution” working with a Customer Experience Business Partner

SMS Marketing

SMSBump - How To Launch an SMS Marketing Automation Strategy for Shopify

Online stores are trying to solve their cart abandonment with different marketing tools such as email, Facebook & Instagram retargeting, display advertising, and more. In this ebook we’ll show you how to add automated text messages to your digital marketing toolkit to recover lost sales and increase your ROI.

Grab a copy to find out:

  • Abandoned Cart SMS Reminder
  • Post-Purchase Product Upsell
  • Inactive Customer Win-Back

SMSBump - Top 7 SMS Marketing Segmentation Hacks for Beginners

Segmentation is about targeting the right people with the right message.

Before you start building your segments, determine your audience, message, and channel first. Or in other words - who do you want to target, what do you want to tell them and where can you find them.


Grab this eBook to find out:

  • Getting Started with the SMSBump Segments
  • 7 Customer Segments That Hit the Mark
  • How to Create a Segment in SMSBump

SMSBump - Your Ultimate Guide To Text Marketing Campaigns That Sell


Discover smart ways to use effective language, choose the right target audience, and combine specific segmentation filters.

This ebook covers three chapters:

  • Text Marketing Campaign Types
  • Text Marketing Methods
  • Launching a Text Marketing Campaign

Messenger Marketing

Recart - How a Shopify Plus Store Generated $800,000 Additional Revenue in a Year With Messenger Marketing


As a merchant, one of your biggest challenges is communication with shoppers and customers. The average cost per click increased 800% in the past 5 years while email engagement rates dropped by 50%. High-growth brands have to adapt to this new era in innovative ways, such as adding new communication channels like Facebook Messenger.

Learn how BlendJet dramatically increased its revenue by adding Messenger to their marketing strategy.


The 250 Page Playbook for Supercharging Your Store with Facebook Messenger, SMS & Conversational Ads

This in-depth playbook is the definitive resource for merchants implementing Messenger, SMS, & conversational Facebook Ads.


  • Messenger Flows & Campaigns
  • SMS Flows & Campaigns
  • Conversational Ads
  • Advanced Conversion Tactics
  • Klaviyo + Messenger
  • Ecommerce Trends
  • Customer Journey Retargeting

Black Friday

Rewind - Experts' Guide To Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Black Friday/Cyber Monday (aka BFCM) is a goldmine
opportunity and there is a lot at stake.

There is no bigger time of the year for brands than the holiday shopping season. For many Ecommerce retailers, specifically those with products purchased as gifts (like clothing, jewelry, and luxury items), the bulk of their yearly revenue comes from the months leading up to the new year.


  • How to get your site prepped and secure for higher volume.
  • Tips for increasing conversions through product page optimization
  • Shipping and packaging suggestions
  • International sales strategies

Email Marketing

AiTrillion.com - Building Meaningful Engagement Across Touch Points


Simplifying everything for sellers to boost sales. Everything you are looking for is packed under one roof with AiTrillion.com's Integrated & Innovative features.

What's in this ebook:

  • Loyalty
  • Email Marketing
  • Product Reviews
  • Web Push Notifications
  • Work Flow
  • Smart Popups
  • Live chat and more...

Outsourcing / Hiring Freelancers

FreeeUp - Beginner's Guide to Hire Online Workers

Today, we enjoy the benefits of having an amazing team of remote workers that run the majority of the operations of the company while we focus on growth projects and building strong relationships with other entrepreneurs in our industry. You can do exactly the same.

What will you learn?
By the end of reading this guide, you will have the knowledge to confidently hire and integrate your first remote worker into your team, effectively freeing up your time for further growth or relaxation.

• Identify the first task to hire for
• Submit a Worker Request with FreeeUp
• Meet and interview a worker
• Hire a worker and get them started
• Set clear expectations upfront
• Create a schedule for meetings and check-ins


FreeeUp - 36 Quick Tips To Hiring And Managing Remote Talent

Implementing best practices for building businesses using remote teams isn't easy. It took a lot of trial and error to learn what works and what doesn't.

This ebook will help you make better and smarter hires for your business.

Get this ebook and learn:

  • Mistakes a business owner makes when first started working online.
  • Tips on hiring remote talents.

FreeeUp - The 10 Common Mistakes Of Outsourcing

This ebook will introduce you to what outsourcing is and where so many entrepreneurs and business owners have gone wrong while attempting to outsource their operations.

Grab this ebook and learn:

  • Reasons why entrepreneurs fail to effectively utilize outsourcing and how to avoid them.

FreeeUp - The 100 Most Popular Jobs to Outsource to Online Workers

Hiring online is the ultimate strategy to freeing up your time and staying focused on what is most important to the growth of your business.

This checklist was designed with the following individuals in mind:

• First time entrepreneurs
• Off the ground startup owners
• Seasoned serial entrepreneurs
• eCommerce business owners
• Digital marketing agencies
• Web development and design shops


Shipping / 3PL

ShipBob - Shipping Solutions for Health, Beauty and Wellness Brands

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands in the health, beauty, and wellness market are taking the Ecommerce world by storm, and the market continues to grow worldwide. With so much growth and competition, those who wish to find success need to stand out — this includes turning their logistics strategy into a revenue driver. That’s where ShipBob comes in.

Grab this ebook to learn:

  • The “Unboxing” Experience
  • Subscription Orders
  • Scalability and Growth
  • Best-in-Class Technology
  • Distributed Inventory
  • 2-Day Shipping
  • International Shipping
  • Partnership and Trust


ReferralCandy - How to Accelerate the Growth of Your Ecommerce Store Chapter 1

The Missing Ingredient in Your Customer Acquisition Formula

Acquiring customers is a really a function of how well you understand:
Art — your customers’ psychology
Science — the mechanics of reaching customers
If your customer base isn’t growing consistently, you’re likely too focused on the second part — the science. You’re just focusing on the mechanics of getting customers. Buying ads. SEO. A/B testing.

Grab this eBook to know:

  • A List of Tactics For Understanding Your Customers

ReferralCandy - How to Accelerate the Growth of Your Ecommerce Store Chapter 2

If you followed the advice from the last chapter on
customer acquisition, you should now have a much clearer picture of who your customers are.

Understanding your ideal customer is critical when it
comes to setting up a blogging & content marketing
program for your store.

That’s why it’s the first thing in this list of 5 things you must do before you start a blog for your website.

ReferralCandy - How to Accelerate the Growth of Your Ecommerce Store Chapter 3

This chapter’s topic is a bit further down the funnel:
Best practices for conversion and moving shoppers
towards the checkout page.

The overarching theme is to reduce uncertainty for
your shoppers. There are a lot of screenshots and examples in this chapter, so for easy future reference, I’ll summarize the best practices here for you:

  • Consistently use one color for important actions
  • Prioritize one call-to-action per ‘view’
  • Use big, clear product images
  • Show trust signals

Enalito - RFM Based Lifecycle Marketing

Enalito presents a series of Customer behavior Models you can use to implement high ROI customer data driven marketing in your business. Enalito will teach you about Customer Life Cycle Marketing and show you how to use the Customer behavior Models to maximize the profitability of your customer acquisition and retention marketing campaigns.

What's in the ebook:

  • Customer Behavior Models
  • Lifecycle Marketing Campaigns Built from Behavior Models
  • Tragted Marketing For High ROI
  • Core Principals Of Behavioral Data Driven Marketing ...and more topics!

HMS Commerce - RFM Segmentation Guide

What is RFM segmentation?

The RFM Model was developed in the 90s by retail organizations. Catalog and phone sales were a major retailer channel leading into the 1990s, and a precursor to the world of online shopping. As we dive into the RFM model you will quickly realize how a system developing decades ago is still relevant today.

HMS Commerce - Customer Journey Mapping

The main goal of a small business shouldn’t be to just acquire a new customer. It should be to retain an existing one. This strategy is more profitable than going for just new customers because returning customers have been proven to buy more frequently and spend more in each order. Not to mention they are more likely to tell their friends.

And so to accomplish this we need to examine your customers journey not with the goal being a sale, but the end goal being a loyal and returning customer. The goal of this guide is to provide education and practical training to creating your own customer journey map. You’ll receive a framework for how to put yourself in the shoes of your customer. And as a result, create an experience that will earn your customers investment.

Final Thoughts

Having the right information, and tools, at your disposal is only the first step. Implementing strategies, in the right order, with the right team, and the right budget, is what will truly make your store a success.

Good luck.

Derric's tool recommendations changed my life.

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