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The Best Facebook Marketing Apps for Ecommerce

Improve performance and returns on marketing activities carried out on the world’s leading social network.

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What are Facebook marketing apps?

Facebook marketing apps help drive better Facebook marketing campaign ROI.  Use them to gain a better understanding of your audience, serving them with more relevant and appealing content to drive awareness, loyalty, and increased conversion. They’ll also help with the management of Facebook as a sales channel.

Facebook Marketing

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What is SimplicityDX?

Create compelling advertising campaign microsites that cut CAC & drive new revenue - all in < 5 min.

What is Tailwind?

Create better marketing in half the time with a tool that writes for you, designs for you, and even gives you a plan for growth

What is Metricool?

A comprehensive online platform designed for data-driven digital marketing and social media management.

What is Redo?

A return management platform that aims at improving the returns process by focusing on boosting sales and cultivating customer loyalty

What is Genie?

A cutting-edge tool designed to streamline inventory analysis, planning, and ordering processes for online merchants

What is Social Snowball?

Turning customers into affiliates and streamlining referral, influencer, and affiliate programs to enhance customer acquisition and sales

What is Macaroni?

Macaroni is an end-to-end SEO platform designed specifically for Shopify users.

What is Decile?

Customer data platform that provides strategic insights that help you act on your analytics to actually grow your store.

What is

All about helping merchants gather and display customer reviews and user-generated content to actually have an effect on sales

What is Omnisend?

Omnichannel Marketing Automation Built for eCommerce

Why use Facebook Marketing apps?

Facebook can be a profitable sales channel with the right strategy and dedication toward success. The right Facebook marketing apps will help you communicate more effectively with your audience, increase engagement with your business page, and positively impact your on-platform conversion rates. 

When should you be investing in Facebook Marketing apps?

You should consider implementing a Facebook marketing app if you’re committed to the potential of the platform as a sales channel for your brand. As a first step, you should research and confirm that your typical customer is someone who enjoys spending time on the Facebook platform and is likely to follow, engage with, and purchase from brands they love. 

Consider your capacity to maintain the cadence of content creation needed to make Facebook marketing a success for your business. Do you have the internal resources ready to allocate to Group management, comment responses, moderation and conversational sales support? If not, a second step would be to build out a team and process to manage this channel before investing in an app to help you scale.

Who is managing these Facebook Marketing apps?

Overseeing and optimizing this channel requires a combination of creative and analytical thinking from someone who understands the organization’s long- and short-term marketing and business goals. Therefore, your Social Media Manager, Performance Marketing Manager, Campaign Manager, Growth Marketer or general marketing team are the best suited to manage your Facebook marketing apps. 

What are the most important Facebook Marketing features?

Facebook’s potential as a marketing channel boils down to the huge volume of nuanced personal data the platform holds. Facebook marketing apps leverage this data to help you get the most tightly targeted messaging to a perfectly aligned segment of your audience. Look for the tools that deliver insights on a granular level as this will improve your ability to zero in on the messaging that is resonating with each of your audience segments.

Access to data and the insights generated by your Facebook Marketing app is imperative, especially as you’ll want to apply some of these learnings to your wider channel marketing efforts. Seek out features that help you continuously refine your marketing strategy, making incremental improvements to posting time, targeting, campaign structure and creative content.

AI-fuelled recommendations are another feature which can dramatically improve your overall performance on the platform – many of the Facebook marketing tools available for merchants today will offer some kind of algorithmic assistance.

Finally, if you’re already active on the platform, consider aspects of your operation that are proving especially time-consuming, and prioritize solutions that address these pain points. Is chat support proving popular but underperforming in terms of conversion? Consider implementing an AI-driven solution that includes “add to cart” functionality. If campaign creation is taking up too much time, explore the many template and scheduling tools available. Ultimately, you’ll want something in place that allows you to scale the aspects of the platform that are working while eliminating any extra or unnecessary work, so keep this in mind while you are vetting your options.