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Best Lead Generation Apps for Ecommerce

The tools you need to capture and convert more customers.

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What are the best Lead Generation apps for Ecommerce?

A great Lead Generation tool does more than captures emails, it encourages opt-ins, collects multiple data points, and also, in most cases, nurtures that user through to conversion. Think about the viral actions a user can take after opt-in - tell a friend, share on social, etc. Great Lead Generation tools are using basic psychological "hacks" to get the highest conversion and referral rates possible on your campaigns.

Lead Generation

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What is Jotform?

Jotform is a mobile-first form builder offering lead collection, social selling and more. Create forms, quizzes and surveys from a wide range of templates.

What is Wishpond?

A marketing tool suite that specializes in building lead collection campaigns, optimizing them for virality, and tracking results

What is Prehook?

Prehook is a quiz platform for Shopify merchants looking to gather customer data for improving personalizations, leading to increased leads and sales.

What is Amped?

Maximizing Email and SMS Opt-in Rates with Templates and Testing

What is InboxAlly?

A unique email deliverability tool that teaches email providers to put your messages in the Inbox and avoid the Spam folder

What is ShortStack?

ShortStack is a versatile online platform designed to help businesses create and manage engaging campaigns and contests on social media platforms.

What is Moosend?

An all-in-one email marketing and marketing automation platform that enables businesses to create, send, and track the performance of their campaigns

What is Wisepops?

A powerful marketing tool designed to create and deploy engaging popups on websites.

What is UpPromote Affiliate & Referral?

The Top-recommended Affiliate & Referral Marketing Solution for Shopify stores

What is ReferralCandy?

ReferralCandy is designed to allow Ecommerce stores to setup and run turnkey referral programs.

What is Justuno?

Justuno is a conversion optimization platform that uses AI and machine learning to figure out how to best capture leads and convert them to sales.

What is Matcha?

Matcha helps optimize your existing content and offers content you can license directly from their massive library to drive email subscribers and purchases.

What is Shop Quiz by OctaneAI?

Gather information from the user that will better guide them to what they need from your store, improving the odds (and conversion rate) that they will buy some

What is Redo?

A return management platform that aims at improving the returns process by focusing on boosting sales and cultivating customer loyalty

What is Genie?

A cutting-edge tool designed to streamline inventory analysis, planning, and ordering processes for online merchants

What is Social Snowball?

Turning customers into affiliates and streamlining referral, influencer, and affiliate programs to enhance customer acquisition and sales

What is Macaroni?

Macaroni is an end-to-end SEO platform designed specifically for Shopify users.

What is Decile?

Customer data platform that provides strategic insights that help you act on your analytics to actually grow your store.

What is

All about helping merchants gather and display customer reviews and user-generated content to actually have an effect on sales

What is Omnisend?

Omnichannel Marketing Automation Built for eCommerce

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