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Product Overview

Updated: 8/6/2020

What is Richpanel?

Richpanel is a customer support platform that allows your team to track, manage and resolve customer support issues. This tool not only improves your customers experience, but also improves the ease of access and usability for your team. The average customer service representative is switching between 8 tools per day, losing 30-40% of their productivity. Richpanel brings all of that information into one centralized location, making it easier to find what they need and allowing them to resolve tickets quicker. Basically, this is a CRM created specifically for customer service teams.

Richpanel also provides automations that help customers do things on their own - like finding their order status, or completing the steps necessary for a return or exchange. Allowing customers to “self serve” for the most common problems not only frees up your agents for more complex issues, but it also saves you money.


Customer Support



Company Size





  • Per Month



  • Unlimited Users
  • 500 Conversations/month
  • $30 for each additional 100 conversations
  • Channels: Email + Chat + FB + Instagram
  • Connect 1 store



  • Unlimited Users
  • 2,000 Conversations/month
  • $25 for each additional 100 conversations
  • Channels: Email + Chat + FB + Instagram
  • Connect up to 2 stores



  • Unlimited Users
  • 6,000 Conversations/month
  • $15 for each additional 100 conversations
  • Channels: Email + Chat + FB + WhatsApp
  • Connect Multiple Brands & up to 5 stores


Contact Sales

  • Custom Conversation Volumes
  • Self-service Portal
  • Auto-resolve 50% tickets
  • Dedicated Self-service Expert
  • Custom Features and Integrations

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How Will Richpanel Work With My Ecommerce Store?

What makes Richpanel different than competitors?

The biggest differentiator for Richpanel is that it allows customer messages to come from multiple platforms and appear in one place. Inquiries can come from chat, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, from site visitors or customers. You don’t have to look within these separate tools to manage chats vs tickets, you just connect them with Richpanel and everything will appear in one place, allowing your team to answer inquiries right away.  

Richpanel also lets your agents continue conversations with customers through multiple channels. For example, if a customer goes offline and away from live chat, the conversation with them can be continued through email. This helps to maintain a single conversation thread without losing context and without having to create duplicate tickets for the same issue.

What metrics is Richpanel going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

You will see a dramatic decrease in the number of support tickets your team is handling by incorporating a tool like Richpanel. Up to 50% of customer support tickets can be solved without ever needing to speak with an agent.

You will also see up to 40% improvement in agent productivity by having all of the information they need to support customers in one central location.

More than any other helpdesk I’ve reviewed, the number one goal of Richpanel is to reduce customer service inquiries, and to reduce the number of messages per request - reducing the back and forth. And honestly, the tool is really impressive and may be one of the best at accomplishing those two metric goals.

Other than that, all helpdesks need to monitor tickets, first response time, customer Satisfaction, CSAT, and resolution time. And for pre-sales inquiries you want to be monitoring revenue generated from chat inquiries, which Richpanel can do, yay!

Who has to manage Richpanel and how long does it take to setup?

This tool will take a while to set up and you’ll want to do it with your operations manager, customer service manager, and you should even have marketing understand a bit of how the tool works so they can understand how say, running a discount campaign, may affect customer service inquiries.

Once set up, your entire customer support team will be in the tool daily, and your customer service manager will be overseeing their work from within the tool, helping to resolve and mitigate tickets, and to optimize flows and macros, and create new ones.

When should you use it?

Richpanel is for the serious helpdesk user, so I would highly recommend you have an experienced customer service manager on your team before you implement this tool. That way you have someone that can set up the chat flows, rules and macros, and manage the platform and the tickets on an ongoing basis. Emphasis on “managing the platform”, because it is so robust that they will spend a lot of time tweaking and analyzing the platform itself, so that your other agents can better do their job.

When shouldn't you use it?

If you have no or a low ticket counts, this tool won’t be as valuable for you and honestly it will probably be too big for you. Yes, you could start with them early on and slowly build out the platform as you grow and as problems arise, but that is a lot to do as a small team.