May 23, 2024

A cloud-based call center software that helps your eCommerce business transform its customer support management, making a better customer experience.

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Unlimited Inbound & Outbound Calls
Call Recording
Phone Support
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Unlimited Inbound & Outbound Calls
API Access
Call Recording
Phone Support


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Live call monitoring
Call tagging & dispositioning
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What is Aircall?

Aircall is a cloud-based call center platform that enables the easier management of phone conversations with your customers.

Listen to customer call recordings, add notes, easily access order details from your eCommerce platform account to amend changes to orders or give refunds. Aircall also allows you to view customer information in your main helpdesk, allowing you to send macro emails such as order information or tracking.

If you’re looking for a way to help your customer support agents prioritize their time, each user is allocated their own task list, including missed calls, voicemails, callback requests and more. Aircall also enables agents to go back through their call history to easily reach back out to past customers with updates or additional product information.

Aircall gives great visibility in terms of the way your contacts are structured, via the "People" tab within the helpdesk dashboard. This presents two categories; "Contacts" (the customers and users that have come into your platform) and "Teammates" (the rest of your team.) You can instantly see if they are online or engaged with another call, enabling better understanding of demand and availability.

Aircall offers mobile iOS and Android apps, helping improve your ability to offer customer support on the go. While sales and support are likely to stay on desktop, marketing teams, executives or other departments that aren’t “all-in” on sales and support would be able to use these apps for more unique use cases, like interviewing a customer, or urgently responding to ticket that has been escalated to your operations department.

For each phone number connected to your Aircall account, you can choose the workflow for incoming callers, the wait music, the options the caller is presented with and the sequence of what happens if no one answers, etc. There’s a lot of flexibility around customer experience – from who is picking up phone calls to the way the call is routed.

It’s easy to control the hours of your call center operation, and you can opt to send calls straight through to voicemail, or play a message informing callers when your lines will reopen.

Integrations are set up on a per phone number basis so that you can properly control each department of your call center. Aircall also has a “whisper function” that makes it easy to listen in to calls for quality assurance and give real-time feedback to your agents, without the customer’s knowledge.

You can create tags, block numbers and export your call logs as needed, and multiple text to speech voice options are available (male, female, various national accents, etc.) to help you create welcome messages and more.

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What makes Aircall different than competitors?

Aircall takes the “enterprise call center experience” (which typically starts at a very high price point) and democratizes it down for smaller merchants, operating within the seven and eight figure range.

While the platform is aimed at businesses within this growth stage, the platform still stands up to high demand, and is scalable up to true enterprise level, making it a great choice for ambitious businesses looking to build out a tech stack that will grow alongside them.

What metrics is Aircall going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

Aircall’s biggest metric is time saved by your customer service team. They save, on average, 2 minutes per call. Shaving time off support calls is likely to increase customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to repeat purchases, higher Lifetime Value (LTV) and all the other benefits that come from having resolved issues quickly and effectively.

The Aircall platform enables you to track your response time, missed call time, voicemail percentage, average call duration, average wait time and many other metrics by user, team, account, phone number – the list goes on. If you’re looking to dig into support data, Aircall delivers, however you need to slice and dice it.

Additionally, you can expect to see continued improvement to your productivity by studying your Aircall analytics and tagging and improving your process and organization.

Who has to manage Aircall and how long does it take to setup?

Aircall is going to be set up and managed by your Customer Service Manager, Director, Head of Operations or COO. Essentially, whoever is responsible for the provision and success of customer service.

When it comes to implementation, it really only takes a few minutes to get up and running. You may spend a little more time setting up additional phone numbers, teams, workflows and welcome messages as you perfect and customize your set up.

Your customer service team will be using Aircall daily, basically alongside whichever helpdesk they are using. Your managers will likely wish to log into Aircall on a weekly or monthly cadence, to look at analytics, understand performance of individual agents and make tweaks to tags and workflows for Business Process Optimization (BPO).

Is Aircall right for my store?

Most obviously, you should be using (or planning to use) call centric customer service within your business. You’ll want to ensure that phone calls are a well-utilized channel for your customer service or sales, with your support line number prominently displayed on your site, in your emails and beyond.

Within eCommerce, you’re likely to be using Aircall for inbound customer service inquiries, but the platform also works well for outbound calls and texts. For instance, you can call your customers to confirm the details of a personalized order, or to let them know you just put their package in the mail and to expect it soon.

You typically wouldn’t start with Aircall unless you already had an existing helpdesk solution and dedicated agents to manage the tool. That being said, Aircall is seeing some users repurposing the platform as a makeshift CRM, helping them to manage existing support or sales calls in a more organized fashion.

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