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Callback + Scout Case study for Venom Motorsport

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TLDR; Since each sale drives growth for the business, quality leads are extremely valuable to Venom. Not only this, but they need those leads in real-time while customers are in their decision making mind-frame. Many potential customers ‘mentally abandon’ their cart, and don't click the “add to cart” button at all. If they do, many will not enter personal details. Since niche products like motorsport vehicles have a smaller addressable market size, making sure each lead is collected is crucial for long-term success. High ticket items create larger revenues from each customer(approx. $1,500) but the challenge is building the right relationship at a time that is right for each customer. Additionally, seeing as their customer base is well-informed, Venom knows they can take their business elsewhere, so immediate pre-sale customer support is crucial. Venom needed a tool that would send them lead alerts real-time.

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