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Product Overview

Updated: 4/7/19

Gorgias is an all-in-one customer support helpdesk software specifically designed for Ecommerce stores.

With a deep Shopify integration, Gorgias allows you to not only pull customer data into your helpdesk, so that agents can more easily access it, but they allow you to edit shipping information, adjust tags, and refund orders, and create very helpful rules and macros.

Who is this for? Shopify stores with one or more support agents who are growing sales and care about having stellar customer service.

Who is this not for? If you have low order volume and/or low support inquiries, you shouldn’t bother getting a helpdesk just yet, focus on getting more customers. If you don't have at least 1 dedicated support agent.

The Secret Sauce: Being able to view customer order information, refund orders, adjust loyalty points, and edit shipping information right from within the helpdesk. Then being able to tag and automate rules based on this information. Gorgias streamlines ticket responses so that your agents respond quicker and more effectively. BONUS: Revenue reporting stats: if an agent has a pre-sale conversation, then the customer converts, you can track it back to the agent and track the ROI of real-time sales support.


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500 Tickets ($.12 per)

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500 Tickets ($.10 per)

2,000 Tickets ($.083 per)

6,000 Tickets ($.069 per)

7 Integrations

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30 Integrations

Top Integrations

Viral Loops Shopify Integration
Viral Loops Zapier Integration

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How Will This Work With My Store?

What metrics will this help me improve?

Gorgias looks to improve first response time and ticket response time by having all the information a support agent needs, right at their fingertips. This also drives up customer satisfaction and drives down support agent resource costs.

They also have a revenue tracking tool for understanding the impact of pre-sale support tickets and how they contribute to purchases, thus impacting conversion rate.

Ancillary benefits: Better support means happier customers, which can help with lifetime value, word of mouth, etc. Also, because they save agents so much time, you will need less agents.

Why did they create Gorgias?

Gorgias was originally a simply Chrome extension tool that helped with macro responses. They pivoted into a full-fledged customer support helpdesk for Ecommerce stores, built a robust Shopify integration, and they are now on a mission to turn customer service from a cost center into a revenue generator.

How do I use Gorgias?

1. After starting a trial, you will connect all key integrations: email, social, forms, etc. You can even port everything over from Zendesk, if you choose to.

2. You will need to create custom views, macros, and rules. A customer success manager will walk you through the process if you need help.

Optional 2.5: Setup the on-site chat tool for real-time responses.

3. Your team is off and running and responding to tickets daily.

4. Look to update macros and rules monthly, and report to your superiors on agent satisfaction and first response time. You can even offer bonus incentives for tiers of quality, such as total tickets responded to, customer satisfaction, or (my favorite) how much revenue the support agent contributed to.

When should I use Gorgias?

You should absolutely use Viral Loops if you're a solo marketer in an Ecommerce store, or the store owner who is in charge of marketing.

It will save you time, and you need a simple referral program to maximize the value of your other marketing efforts.

You should invest in Viral Loops when you've done at least 100 sales, have a good understanding of your target customer, and know what products of yours will best incentivize referrals and action.

You should use Viral Loops to increase brand loyalty and repeat purchases, while driving "free" word of mouth sales.

When should you not use it?

Solopreneurs, small stores, stagnant stores, or pass-through businesses. If you don't have a Shopify store.

Who will use and manage Gorgias?

The head of customer service is the main manager of the tool and the support agents will be the ones using it daily. Depending on the size of the customer service team, the head of customer service should be in the tool weekly, at the least, interacting with tickets, adjusting and creating macros and rules, and managing overall performance.

Where does Gorgias fit in to my overall tech stack?

Gorgias can be used alongside a chat or Messenger chat tool so that when you send out automated blasts and people respond, you have a real human pick up the conversation.

Gorgias can be used alongside a loyalty program for responding and adjusting loyalty points based on the customer service inquiry.

You can also use Gorgias to help with shipping and logistics. If customers email support right after they purchase, you can place holds on shipping their product until the issue is resolved. Thus saving shipping and return costs.

Most people using Gorgias have a working business, proven sales, and a strong and growing marketing strategy.